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 Is the popularity of "open adoption" an indication that many first parents are ambivalent...?
...about placing their child.

i often wonder, why many first parents choose open adoption. is it simply to "make sure the kid is being cared for well", "to have access to ...

 Adoptees from the Closed Records Era, how much medical info do you believe is really in those records?
I have read many times that adoptees are demanding their medical information and I am curious as to how much 'medical' information you believe is included in closed adoption records, ...

 Adopting 13 year old American girl? I am from America too, by the way.?
I am adopting a teenage girl. I have never raised a teenager before because my son is only 5. What do I need to buy? How do I design her room? She is very girly. Where do I take her shopping for ...

 Non Bio-dad adoption?
I'm pregnant and the bio-dad took off soon after we found out. Now i'm w/ a new guy and he's been helping me out so much threw this pregnant and we're thinking about getting ...

 What's wrong with wanting a hassle-free adoption?
Assuming that "hassle-free" is just that hassle-free. LEGALLY and ETHICALLY hassle-free.
Additional Details
It seems as though many people want to see p-adoptive parents beat ...

 Im thinking about adoption help?
i am 29 with a 7 year old son i am a single mum and work part time and live in a 2 bedroom council house i have been thinking of adopting a child for 2 years now do i need to have a spare bedroom the ...

 Adoptees, would you prefer adoption or foster care...?
I'm making some assumptions here:

Your biological family is unable to parent.

You have already been removed from the home.

The adoptive parents are NOT abusive, ...

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