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 Okay, the dreaded amnesty was defeated, now what?
Everyone wins right? No, imigration bill = no amnesty, everyone should rejoice right? There were so many critics of that bill, it was so terrible, so many flaws, it would lead to so many negative ...

 Shouldn't we just make it easier to come to America Legally?
Then we can track and tax them as U.S. citizens. Isn't it a good thing if people want to be Americans?
Additional Details
We will have more control over criminals comming over if we ...

 Do you disagree with that part of the Constitution that makes persons born in the US citizens?
If so, why? What steps are you taking to get the Constitution amended? What other parts of the US Constitution do you want to do away with?
Additional Details
14th Amendment, Section 1....

 Do you think Immigrants should be required to learn English before coming to the USA?

Additional Details
Why or why not?...

 If there was an illegal immigrate that gave birth to a child in the us is the child a us citizen?

 Why are illigeal immigrants crimminals?
If you back years and years ago our "supposedly" founding fathers were illgeal, they came here with no legal consent, why the sudden change, just cause of money, or is america tired of its ...

 Why do muslims come here? for only british people>?
i'm not beein racist or anything but why do they come here they've got a country of thier own they are like taking over britain such as culture, religion they biuld shops here and waste ...

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