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 Is a 3 month visa easier to obtain than a 6 month visa?

 People to people sudent ambassador program?
i got a letter in the mail saying ive been invited to travel and study in ireland,whales,england,france,belguim and the nethlands in the summer of 2009. its a 19 day trip

i dont want to ...

 Do you need a visa travilling from barbados to amsterdam?
ano that may sound a little complicated. however my best friend and i are going to amsterdam and her sister and brother in law from barbados want to come as they are both coming to britain for a few ...

 How can i get visiter visa of USA from UK?i have HSMP status from India?
right now i have HSMP before I had 1 year student visa now I have 2 year HSMP I am 28 year old ...

 How do I get my VISA for China if I am a U.S. Citizen?
i have my passport and will be leaving on my trip in 1 ...

 How can I bring my boyfriend from Jamaica here. Im a us citizen. how long does this process takes?

 Do i need a visa?
Do i need a visa to visit Ghana for a week?

I have a British Passport!


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