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 Weather related accident - Should I file a claim?
My husband slid off the road and hit a tree. There is moderate damage to the passenger side of the car, but the car is still driveable. The car is worth 6K. I think the door, rear fender, and ...

 Licence at dvla but have to produce?
Hiya my boyfriend has been given a producer but his licence is with the dvla as we have recently moved so he sent it off then they sent a letter back saying they need a photo as it was the old type ...

 You dont have to renew your car registration?
Technically, seeing as we recieve the registration label & payment form in the mail here in Victoria, One could simply peel the label off and apply it on the car without taking it to the RTA and ...

 Is a clean car a sign of a sick mind ?

 Can you get a drivers provisional when your 16in the uk?
or do u have to be 16 and 9 months?

i got mine when i was 17 but my sister has been 16 for 5 months. can she get one now beofre the age goes up to 18?

and if she gets one now ...

 Need to trace a car to see if its insured?
had an accident and need to trace the vehicls reg to see if its ...

 If I Didn't Have Auto Insurance, Can I Still Sue The At Fault Driver For Totaling My Car, Meds, Pain, -Wage?

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