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 So if we booted out all the illegal imigrants? Who would do the jobs they leave open?
For example:


What people are really ignoring is the fact that these people do a lot of jobs we "real" Americans just ...

 I am an american and i want to leave for ever, what European country is the easiest to move to?

 People did you know that the 911 was a set up?
.bush just wanted to create a PROBLEM, a rising crime rate, more violence, a terrorist bomb, a government collapse, etc, then he made sure someone else was blamed for this problem and not him. He ...

 Would there be a difference if the undocumented workers were White Anglosaxons?

 To the poor and middle class,..?
do you think we the filthy rich (as you all call us) care about you? Why do you waste your time debating nonsense? Do you all actually think that writing to your congressmen or writing your opinions ...

 Why most latinos don't want to learn english?
They keep speaking spanish... do they want to integrate or not?...

 If you could move to any country to live there permanently...where would it be?

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