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 What countries can British people get married in?
For two British people getting married, not if one of the couple is a local of the foreign country....

 Question about german children and nationality?
hi guys.
I want to know that if someone is born in Germany does he/she get German nationality automatically or not.

I m pointing about such children who have asian parents like indian,...

 What is canda's third major trading partner?

 Where can I find an image of a UK diplomatic passport?
I am looking for an image of a U.K. diplomatic passport for a paper, but have been unable to find one so far. I have found images of U.S. diplomatic passports, but not U.K.
Many thanks....

 I would like to know whether a U.S. citizen working in a foreign country could use the Army PX beauty salon?
If the country or city has no other salon for a woman of color (African-American)?...

 Can I save and print the DS 156 DS 157 forms from outside or I have to print immediately?
If one don't have printer at home

Whether one has to fill the form and save for printing later outside where printer is available


have to fill and print ...

 Why is no western country doing anything about Mr Mugabe?
We have visited Zimbabwe in 1995. My husband has worked and lived in Zim for many years. Many of our friends have had to move out of the country or were made to leave their farm and in one case 60 ...

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