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 I need several documents translated to spanish. needs to be a public official. looking for a reasonable price.
i will be taking the documents to venezeula. they are medical records for a legal case. need to be translated and then i will take them to the venezeulan couselate to be noterized....

 Where is the location of the philippine embassy in the philippines?
philippine embassy found in the ...

 Friend lost russian passport in united arab emirates need help!!!!!!!!!?
she is now in makhachkala and does not know how to get another citizen passport and zagran passport , please anyone living in makhachkala or in kislyar send me any information on what should be done. ...

 It's right that macedona goverment give free visa to iraqian peoples?

 Can an embassy hold my passport for more than 1 month for a visa application?

 Wait time for H-1B?
I was wondering how long it would take my boyfriend to recieve an H-1B work visa through his engineering company that will be sponcering him.

He was brought to America ...

 How i can get the email address of malaysian council in pretoria at south africa?

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