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 Is it true that you don't have to work the last day of your two weeks notice?
I used to work at marshalls and I was informed that I didn't have to come and work my last day and that it was optional.

help ...

 Is it legal for a.........?
5 year old to marrie with parenetel cosent

p.s this is just a question i would never do that i just whant to no

 If you boss/supervisor gives bad reference about you, can you put a case against him in court?
Can you do anything about it?
Additional Details
If you have a source, please add it. Thanks....

 What can he do, really? My husband was "let go" for "refusing to take a post-accident drug test but he DID go!
We moved this weekend. It had been planned for months. Friday night my husband's employer asked him to work Saturday night 3-midnight. Because he IS such a loyal, honest employee, he went to ...

 Sunspended from work?
i have been sunspended from work. on a number of serious allegiations, on full pay, i ownly no one of theres allegiations and that the one i have been sunspeded for, what i need to no is wile i am ...

 If someone at work treathens me.,provoke's me i loose my temper and hit that person can i be terminated?

 Is it legal for my employer to have an "All employees must wear deodorant" policy?

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