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 Is there a US Embassy in Puerto Rico? If so what's the address and contact number?

 My visa is over about 3 month ago.?
My visa is over. Im from belgium. Im stayin illegally in Turkey. My visa fee about 1000 lira. I want to pay it here and stay longer. What do I have to do? Is it possible to pay it here in turkey ? ...

 Who is the netherlands queen today?

 Can i be a U.S foreign officer even though i am not American?
I grew up here. Me and my family moved here when i was only 7 and i know more about the u.s than my own native country. We get sponsored by the World Bank, they provide our visas. I really love ...

 What is the list of British common wealth countries?
What is the list of British common wealth countries?
Is India a common wealth?
I think Canada is. I know Australia is.
Also, Just wondering, name all the colonies Britain ever had (and ...

 What should i say to the US consul if i am going to marry my bf in the US?

 Where can a person with an Indian Passport travel to without a visa or with a visa on arrival?
I want to know the possible vacation destinations for short stays (less than 30 days) which are available to Indian Nationals....

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