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 Is the question of illegal aliens Economics, or racism.?
If your read the site through, you will find the references at the bottom of the article.

So tell me... ...

 As American Citizens ,Do we have the right to apply for a job without having to speak Spanish?

 Who shall i choose from, a white or asain person for my Vacancie?
I am the owner of a sucessful business

i have had a job vacancie and from 87 appliciants i have narrowed it down to two

one is white and the other asain: they both have the ...

 How do you feel about how Bush is trying to TELL YOU HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THE IMMIGRATION BILL?
He is reminding me of Hitler more and more all the time.
Additional Details
Bridezilla...no that is not true...I can HONESTLY say, that I have NEVER voted for the creep and that I KNEW ...

 Americans: How do you feel about legal immigrants in your country?

 Last night one of my tires went flat,guess who was the first one to stop and help me change my tire ?

Additional Details
When I offered him money,he refused it....

 In view of recent events has Enoch Powell now been completely vindicated over his "rivers of blood" speech?

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