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 Do you feel more, less, or relatively unchanged regarding your safety since 911?
Please explain your answer....

 Owner of dog that killed the little girl?
Should the owner of the dog that killed that little girl be tried for manslaughter because he had already had warnings about the ...

 If you are stopped by the Police in your car for any reason, and they ask you to get out of it are you legally
entitled to refuse?
Additional Details
Thank you for your answers, I notice some are from our American friends, I have seen some of their police heavy handedness on TV which is fast ...

 Would you lie to stop your child going to jail , even if you knew he/she was guilty?

 What is the best way to argue a speeding ticket?
I recently got a speeding ticket on I-95 in Newbury, MA. I was going 22 mph over the speed limit according to the officer. The boxes "LIDAR" and "Estimated" were checked. The ...

 I am 16 yrs old and I am on 6 months probation for shoplifting at wal mart and just not to long ago I got ?
caught again not to long ago with a friend of mine that is not a minor and we both did not get put in jail or anything but i know there will be a court date for both of us I just want to know what ...

 Do the public care a police officer has been shot dead? (UK)?
For doing his duty in protecting the public?
He has paid the ultimate price.

Do the Briish public appreciate this?
And will it make them realise the REAL dangers our un-armed ...

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