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Does anyone know how to check a persons criminal history for free in Australia?
How long would a criminal conviction be recorded against your name in queensland australia?
can police charge you for something they didnt catch you doing?
(Cops) why did become police officers?
how do i not get 2pts from a C/I ticket; pay the fine & write to judge asking for no pts? I have clean record?
Is anyone else in Victoria (Australia) bothered about the police getting sub-machine guns?
who was the first UN secretary general denied a second five year term?
Police Powers?
charged with possession with intent to_ miss court,planning to turn myself in 10 years ago,w,should i expect?
Are the police considered part of the executive arm of government?
Gary Ridgway's prison address? Anyone have it?
stealing cloths with a plyer, wats the sentance.?
whats the charges for stealing cloths from a store, and u had a player on u but did not use it.?
writing to court letter?
which are some of the most dangerous suberbs in the world?
is it illegal to ride around with a police scanner in nc?
How many people are arrested in australia a year? (on average)?
A question for ex/current serving personnel only?
someone tell me that US Army use jeep M151 A2 (MUTT)in GULF war in 1990,is it right? ?
To Air Force (active duty):?
Should I mention this at MEPS?
The only way to win WW3 is to prevent it; I want your opinion?
Should i join the army?
ARMY officer questions?
Which Australian Army bush hat do you get?
Will child support be paid to me while non custodial parent is in basic training for Marines?
Engineer in RAAF??????????????
I am married and recently enlisted in the AF. What allowances are we entitled to while I'm in training?
When did the conflict with the taliban end, if it ended?
Weather Manipulation: Who is engineering Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico?
If we are military, and my baby is born in a U.S. Military hospital in Germany, will it have dual citizenship?
Questions about after Navy basic?
when I die. can I receive a military funeral if I served under 90 days?
When you join the military, do you actually expect or want to be going to war?
What was your experience of the YOU session with Defense Force Recruiting, and how should I prepare for mine?
What is the current law on asylum seekers in the USA?
A man claims not to be the father of blood type?
Should we get a lawyer for an auto accident?
General gun laws in Australia?
In regards to changing the constitution in Australia?
Why are there anti Human-animal hybrid laws?
Can My mother find out my brothers court result even though he is over 18?
How can I get my Ex-Boss to pay me?
Does a DVO effect a background check (Australia)?
How to take care of an ex-boyfriend verbally abusing this girl I like?
Can some girls get away with using a guy for money if they do this.......?
An aged pensioner has been sold a security system that constantly breaks down. What are his rights.?
is corruption due to loyalty?
Are the Family court Judges allowed to threaten the self-litigant in the court room?
What is pervasive litigation?
what are the Australian laws for cyberbullying?
does the united states allow duel citizenship?
What OP do you need to become a lawyer?
Is this legal? Info inside.?
The right to own a firearm.?
In Texas, if the father refuses to sign the birth certificate and does not request a paternity test...?
How often do you get to make a phone call in an Australian prison?
My ex got a $1000.00 speeding ticket for going 85mph on a 50mph highway in FL?
How do I evict my tenant's girlfriend?.He beat her up and had to leave due to a court order. I live 8hrs away?
will i get charged for making a false statement to the Australian nsw police force?
My girlfriend was pushed down the stairs by her friends boyfrd. how long can she still have police arrest him?
Do you think the council were involved?
Impersonating a police officer?
If I have a parking fine and the officer has entered the wrong suburb and street on the notice, do i pay?
Australian traffic offence question..?
Getting live plants through Australian Customs?
how do you make a witness statement?
What is it like at a parole hearing for the victim?
How are common thieves treated by other prisoners and guards in prison?
I have court in 2 weeks, will they give me a drug test?
police academy?
career in police force?
We are taking our neighbours to court to get a misconduct restraining order?
What are the recent drug policy initiatives?
Fighting a speeding ticket in FL and then losing?
Move on, or try to get her back?
where do i even stand anymore?
why do some parents want sole custody over a child when they're not at risk being with the other parent?
I married my husband almost 5 years ago, and just found out he is still married to another woman. ????????
I'm in a REALLY happy, loving relationship. Who thinks marriage would spoil everything?
how do i divorce my husband ?
Is he ready for kids?
should i follow my heart or follow the safe option??? help?
HONESTLY which is better for Air Force or Army?
do you believe holy wars what you think!?
What would have happened if the pearl habour bombing had never occured?
Leave during Initial Employment Training?
Is World War III going to to kick off?
To anyone who has been through the Navy with experience, can you give me some tips of joining it...?
what was australia's contribution to the vietnam war?
Enlisted jobs in Air Force?
special forces question that i cant seem to find an answer to?
Is there a faster way to get my Marines DEP Discharge so I can go to another military branch?
what is the salary of corporal of Indian Air Force in sixth pay commission ?
Should I join the Air Force, or go to college?
Can you re enlist for infantry for an additional four years after your first four are over?
Marine Corps Mos Question?
How do you prone float for 5 minutes?!?!?
i have a 2.6 gpa undergrad 3.0 grad school can i become officer?
Google Earth Ive been looking at burma north of seikkyi and there is a bunch of black feilds what are they?
Why did most western countries believe that Iraq had Weapons of Mass destruction?
Can I become an NYC police officer if I wear glasses?
I Have A Friend & I Put A Car Under His Name Complety Except, That Its My Car , but Then He Got Deported!?
I need legal advice re: keeping an American who has served time for murder from moving to our Canadian town?
Becoming a New South Wales Police Officer?
Cops and security guards , revolver or semi auto , which do you prefer and what caliber?
what is the answer of second amendment for the Gun control?
I haven't paid my probation, what will happen?
How can I find out when I bought my handgun in texas?
Is there any law which may interdict you to drive a car bare feet ?????
effects of being a police officer on social and domestic life?
Can the male officer who pulled me over and arrested me be able to force me to take off my shoes and socks?
How to verify a cop is a cop?
RE underbelly series in Australia?
Can I receive a Police Clearance Certificate if....?
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department HELP Petty theft?
anyone know of a good attorney who's not afraid to go after bad cops?
BLOODY speed cameras!?
Shoplifting in Western Australia?
If you were killed by a speeding emergency vehicle, would you consider its journey a matter of life and death.
Can Target look back at their cameras?
If my child is born in China but I am a us citizen, will he be a us citizen also.?
what role does the courts system play in protecting society?
What is the relevance of natural law in modern concepts of law?
If my X-husband(of 11yrs) signed an aferdavid to say he will pay a certain amount is he bined by that?
if you forget about your lay by, what are your rights?
How can I report health and safety violations on a farm in South Australia?
can a contract of sale be served after the transaction has taken place?
My Doctor prescribed a medicine for me. When I said I can't afford it. Instead of a Practical Suggestion?
My employer makes me work around public holidays.?
if you get emancipated can you get married?
As i have mentioned previously, i would like the name of a good Lawyer whom could help me to sue a person?
Can a person give a gift to someone and then legallyreqest it to be returned to them as "The rightful owner"?
Can I lie about my details on junk mails etc or is that illegal?
what are the consequences of threatening to fight someone over myspace?
Is the Desert Eagle Ilegal in Victoria?
if you could enforce a law what would it be?
UPS refused to give me my own package, is that legal?
house fire destroyed every bit of identification.?
Can I sue my teacher for this?
How often did Justice Kirby dissent during his time in the High Court of Australia? (Numbers Please)?
i want to become a criminal lawyer in australia?
Whats a good place that sells Night vision hidden cameras. I suspect my wife is cheating?
do i have the right to move back in to my house after being away for 5 years?
how do you handle a husband that is always ready to bash my family?
geting married second time what do i wear?
what is the right way of making reconciliation?
Confused and worried about my marriage. Can't figure it out.?
Who can help when you can't go on living any longer?
Why mostly of the husbands don't keep a picture of their mother in law?
is it possible to pass a speeding fine onto a friend who has a disqualified license?
What is the percentage of cops deaths?
How do I go about locating which prison someone is in?
driving ticket. advice?
The costodian of prosioners for the county jail is the registrar?
Police Officers in Australia, what are the % of you suffering from a mental concern?
What charges will someone get for putting a dirty diaper in your yard for your dogs to eat?
Do police students in NSW get a police badge?
How long does it take for the florida department of child support to issue a writ for non-payment?
I would like to become an FBI agent field agent. What qualifications do i need to become one??
can i still be a police officer if i have received 2 speeding fines in 12 months..?
can police issue you with a speeding infrindgment without the use of a radar?
Giving false ID to a Fisheries Officer...?
i have received a speeding fine in the mail, my mate was driving and will take full responsibility?
How can you best survive prison in Australia?
navy questions for everyone to help me out ?
If necessary, are US Soldiers trained to fight Soldiers as well trained as Russian Soldiers?
How would I access the strategic effectiveness of the Irish Republican Army?
Can you join the US Army being a Non-American? Then naturalize in the Army?
Should Australia Impose Military occupation of Fiji for their Anti-Democratic actions?
why does the armed forces use 24 hour time an not 12hour time?
pay strutcher airforce?
americans are you glad your nation has got nuclear weapons?
NZ Navy recruitment.... anyone had any dealings with them?
When enlisting in the airforce...?
Why has the American army gone to Russia and Georgia?
Am I ready to join the army?
How long does a medical DQ last in the military?
Now Russia is rattling the saber again, when will we put Iraq and Afghanistan to bed?
would it be a good idea for me to join the air force if i want to become a fire fighter?
How do you think this Russia/Georgian War will pan out?
do you believe that the battle of LA happened ?
my brother just went awol from the army,what now?
Is it true that the Australian Defence Force would have a field day against a hostile Invading Northern Force?
Can an enlisted soldier in the US army rank 2nd lieutenant with only having served 4 years?
Joining the American army reserve, as a teenager.?
should i stay with my new husband or should i leave him?
would you marry someone 20 years older/younger than you?
My boyfriend snores and sweats excessively, making it uncomfortable to be close. What should I do?
Is it legal to provide your employee with email addresses of their fellow coworkers?
Disorderly Conduct How should I plead?
why is weed really illegal?
Somebody is threatening me over the phone?
can a person who is here in australia claim bankruptcy if they are from another country?
what will happen if everyone in the US stop believing in poverty?
Could a wall be considered a deadly weapon if your head was pushed by somebody into it?
Three examples of restrictions to state power?
What are Some examples of Blackmail crimes seen in local courts?
How can i protect my idea from being stolen for say selling a product of some kind?
If salvage rights can be claimed on abandoned ships, can those same rights apply to abandoned oil rigs?
discuss the merits of unanimous jury decisions as opposed to majority votes?
what are my chances?
Legally leaving home at 17 (Australia)?
As an employee how easy/difficult is it to raise an issue at your workplace?
Can we all agree that Banks that are too big to fail are a bad thing?
What are some reasons to suggest that Australia is NOT a nation of imitators?
Is it possible in Oregon to get a DUI even after passing a FST and breathalyzer?
do you have to take classes in college to be a k9 cop?
If the police cannot help me 'or' the local council...where do I go to get help in regards noisy neighbours?
Australia AVO query?
I have court in a couple of days for a d.u.i. what will happen to me.?
I went to an all ages concert. I'm 23, and had my licence on me. Trouble is it had expired.?
Can I become A Police officer???
If you marry someone with fines and they die, are you responsible for the fines?
salary of a queensland police officer?
RE. DNA. What about this for an idea. A free DNA test or a lump sum when you give your sample to a DNA bank.?
How do you become a motocycle police officer?
17 year old burning underbelly and selling it at school. What would be his punishment from police?
Does any1 Know y australian jail sentences are so soft?
Can you call your local Sheriff's office to find out if a warrant has been issued? will they tell you?
If police have issued a court date for a minor offense to be on a sunday (court not open) do you still attend?
If I don't feel the police is there to protect me and I'm in fear of them, why should I support them?
what's the point of horse police?
Hey is there a job in the marines to be a journalist or something to do with that??
My father-in-law has a samurai sword and bayonet from ww2 - how can he prove their authenticity?
How can i terminate my army service early?
Do Australian army soldiers go clubbing?
What would the Australian equivilant to the US Marines be?
When I get stationed somewhere in the army will I have to share a dorm?
If a major conflict started (apart from Russia-Georgia) that threatened the US, could the US cope right now?
Is war really necessary?
how long was the USSR enterprise
john gardiner killed in action between 27.7.1916 -4.8.1916 in france. where was he buried?
If I'm already enlisted and wanted to join the ROTC program, will I keep the rank I already have?
how many share a dorm, whers the showers? you gotta shower with your platoon or is there single showers, than
Do I have to cover my tattoo for the Marine Corps Ball?
Name of war alarm thingy?
What rank will I be upon entering Marine Boot Camp?
Can a SSG confine a SGT to the barracks?
When a sniper takes his shot, s/he would immediatly leave the area... Does s/he take the rifle with him/her?
Information about Simpson and his Donkey?
What is after phase III "A" school NAVY
Bucks nights or Hens nights?
hit and run?
medical requirements for the Australian police force?
i got my ID confiscated from a bar and they handed it to the police, they have my ID photocopied on a wall?
Who thinks cops are the best?
is it legal in the state of maine for an officer to question a 7 year old?
how much time could someone face if they violated probation?
Passenger and Breathalyzer Question?
How do I report??
How can I fight Jaywalking ticket (Texas)?
Target shoplifting-- will they get the police to track me?
i have been booked for speeding in a 40k zone,even though i didnt see the sign?
What is the cost(fine) for an MIP(cigarettes) by a 16 yr old, in Texas?
How nervous is it normal to be when pulled over for speeding?
Is a ticket dismissable when personal info is wrong?
Daughter has Tickets Sent to Our House?
what is the charge 4, 27 huge dope plants in nsw if u had clean record in this state but a bad 1 in elsewhere?
what could help in fraud case?
How long does a criminal record last for in Australia?
If you are transporting a person to jail and you come across and accident, what is the proper procedure?
Australian Army Criminal Convictions?
Australian Army Entrance exam..?
you would only have to be 17 years of age 2 enlist in the air force?
where was your first duty station in the AF? and where were your first 2 deployments?
what are some pros and cons of joining the marines?
Are the Australian Army recruit officers strict on weight?
Which Special Forces (globally) are similar or like the SAS British (Special Air Service)?
Sooo many questions about the Ft. Hood shooting are being asked?
Is it possible for women to build up the required amount of strength to perform in direct combat roles?
WHERE do i send shoeboxes to? [for the soldiers in Afghanistan]?
my class has to write a 200 word story about when you should honor veteran?
Going To Kapooka - ARES?
Q for army wives-how is life being married to a soldier?
Do ASIS (Australian Security Intelligence Service) carry guns?
Air Force OSI Question
australian special forces inquiries!!!!????
Where do I advertise jobs for ex military (Australia) candidates?
What is there in the Navy for me?
Can I change from active duty AF to AF Guard?
Can oversea student serve in Australian army?
I want to join the Navy..Only problem is that I am not allowed to have any water in my ears
Thai Customs are this?
Im I right to make a stand in the relationship?
Do both parties have to show up to court hearing on a divorce?
Do you know anyone who separated due to an affair...?
Would you leave your 32 year old girlfriend for that? Whats the logic? Males,love to here your views....?
If divorce was illegal would you still get married?
Help what does she want!!!?
How would someone get caught by the police for downloading illegal software, music or movies?
How much child support should I receive?
"People with serious inheritable disabilities should not be allowed to reproduce" Do you agree?
can my boss change my writtten contract after 41/2 years and can i make an agreement that affects other staff?
Can a Criminal History be expunged in NSW?
is stun gun legal in wa?
Wrong info on traffic ticket? Dismissed??
Joining Australian Police Force- Can a police officer take their gun home after duty?
Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?
Do DNA Databases only have the DNA of criminals?
I bought some tea and a teapot online & recieved it in pieces thanks to Australian Customs?
can i be a police officer if i have a heart condition.?
is there a way to do this in australia?
can you work for the post office in georgia if you have a felony conviction?
The international transactions for the country Kyleland for a given year are reported in the table below.?
how much trouble/time, am I looking at. 1 charge of violation DUI, and 1 charge of violation DWLS, in Florida?
How come do police do more bad then good?
How does the Australian Justice System work?
I just got a speeding ticket for going 21 mph over the limit on a CA highway, can I still go to traffic school
i would like to find out more about american policing?
if you are on ssi and you move in and live with a man will you get taken off of ssi ?
if a person has been found guilt of a crime by the state can the federal government try that person again?
can you get the fences, roofs etc from a house even if you don't own the lot anymore?
question regarding small claims court?
Did I breech the Dvo?
Expired Tags--Please help especilly if you are a Police!!!!!!!?
how old do you have to be to SELL tabacco? in western australia?
I am in similar situation. I am resident of CA and ready to plea for first offense DWI in TX. Can I get prob?
I just got a ticket for posession of marijuana and parahernalia in ohio, what's the worts that could happen?
I recently got a summons for disobey stop sign. I already admit to the cop i didnt see it. Any tips for court
If a relative in UK records a programme from TV and then sends it to me, are either of us breaking the law?
I have a misdemeanor charge for domestic battery...could i still get emancipated from my parents?
What car has been best treated between a getaway car or the police car in chase.?
How much time can you get for battery wdw w/substanel bodily harm??
What do I have to do to get a restraining oder on someone?
Have you seen this ?? a Tribute to a Hero?
what would it take for u to join the army?
reserve air guard people only?
what are the chances of getting into the australian air force?
Australian Army Questions please help me?
Australian Navy Seaman Officer or Boatswains Mate a Few questions thanks?
what are the few easy jobs to get in to in the Air force?
What is the basic division of nonprofits?
my boyfriend has a prolapsed disk in his back and wants to join the air force?
Examples of atomic bombs killing innocent people?
describe in one word what u think of the iraq war?
13 yrs diagnosed joining adf?
I am having 4 separate operations on my shoulder. See details.?
What was the real reason for the first gulf war?
Going to a military ball what to wear?
Army gap year, do you think its well worth it?
how long does a tour of duty in iraq normaly do for?
how many times a day or week are soldiers in iraq allowed to contact their loved ones?
Joining the navy, please help?
10 points, How can the US military justify using depleted Uranium?
How many Tasmanians participated in WW1?
where dose H.M.A.S Cerberus?
why were children from military families called military brats?
My partner is going away for a week with his ex-wife and 3 year old son?
What do you think about this?
My partner always blames me if my children do anything wrong?
is it legal for two brothers to marry or date two sisters?
Is this normal for women to attempt to re partner so quickly and does it work?
is this healthy or dangerous?
What is your opinion of couples getting married and choosing a entirely new last name together?
Do married women with kids sometimes wish they had remained single?
What is your opinion of open marriages?
If you have a warrant for violating misdemeanor probation will it show up in NCIC and would a state extradite?
BB guns in Australia?
240 days in LA County Jail.. what is an average time they'll serve?
california marijuana possession laws?
Mariuana charges in Long BEach CA?
Can civilians carry handcuffs in New York City?
After being denied parole will Jesse Rugge be granted another chance? does that mean he could be free one day?
When an employer does a background check will a misdemeanor from another state show up?
Is pepper spray legal in Australia - sydney(nsw)?
understanding police officer?
how many years in jail do you do for using a credit card without the persons permission?
How many points go on your record for a red light violation in California?
can i get in trouble for an altercation (where i yelled and cussed at an employee) then left while she called?
Would you concider this a breach on a DVO?
an offence was committed in 1988 would it still appear on the person's criminal record in 2008?
Will the South Australian courts chase unpaid speed camera fines if the driver is a NZ resident?
What do need to be a police officer in NSW, AUSTRALIA?
How long after you pay a ticket do the points go on your mvr?
if you commited a massacre, what would you be charged with?
Cop pulls me over and writes wrong speed on ticket?
can a 13 years old boy ride his dirt bike off road and not get a fine from the police. Is there were to ride?
How many times has the Marriage Act 1961 been amended?
What is the current law on marijuana in ACT?
Thoughts on the Wikileaks Video: Collateral Murder?
Statistics on arbitration in Australia...desperate!?
What type of employment can my friend get with a criminal record?
Can bills signed into law be repealed at a later date?
Response to a drug dealer?
Has anyone heard of a scam involving phone calls requesting donations on behalf of careflight rescue?
I have to go before a certian judge, Is there a way to have a closer court date?
if there is no leagal agreement to who has the child wat happenes?
Why do we have "Diplomatic Immunity"? Isn't it outdated? Why SHOULDN'T diplomats respect local laws?!?
Do we support immigrants trying to claim residency in Australia?
Is it legal to send cash in a birthday card from Australia to England?
why was a constitution written in australia?
Should a duty of care (negligence in common law) be owed to prevent suicide victims from succeeding?
Girl Tricks Guy Into Getting Her Pregnant, WHAT CAN U DO?
I was terminated while on short term disability what are my rights. Now they are not wanting to pay it.?
What are some advantages of making people serve time in jail?
if a driver hits a jaywalker in CA, is he at fault?
I forgot to fax new insurance info to the court 2 days past due, but faxed today. What happens? I'm so nervous
I want to be a fire marshal. How would i do that. Can I go to college or train to be one?
What job would be easier for a criminal to go for IT or Realestate.?
What should a security officer do after managed a casualty's life-threatening situation?
Does ARD Record automatically get expunged if over 18 years old?
Speeding ticket- Euless 27 over?
When Police burn drugs after being seized,Would they get Stoned if not wearing face masks?
is it illegal to drink at home or a bar w/o driving ur car after getting a DUI/DWI?
hey im 16 from aus is their ride along programns here to become a police officer?
What is the person called who goes in after a fire a tells what started the fire?
I am looking for someone who is on parole in california.....?
Queensland Law, caps on damages?
Cop lied about Tag information?
can you be arrested for breaking into your own home?
How long do cops keep traffic info if they don't give you a ticket?
How do you find information about deceased family members??
what should we do about the over crowded prisons?
what is the basic housing allowance for each military class ?
what does Partisan (military) mean?
afghanistan calling card?
What does the day look like on your ship date, when you arrive at MEPS?
Should Australia send more troops to Afghanistan?
I spent six months in lebanon. Would that disqualify me for a top security clearance?
How long are military families stationed at one place?
How long until I hear from my soldier?
what if you when to the meps for the army and they found out that your back wasnt will your spine wasnt strigh?
In war, is the number of deaths on each side a good illustration of disproportionate force?
What are some Pro Iraq reasons that we went to War?
How many Australian front line soldiers survived World War 1?
Soldiers deploying to iraq-afghan?
getting kicked out of the army delayed entry program for 6 months?
Babys birth during tech school?
Has any veteran with injuries experienced hostile action in his claims procedure?
What can I do to help my boyfriend (he's going for Basic training in a few months)?
Is this even possible ??? all answers appreciated ?
alcohol and the aussie defence force?
Australian Army - Kapooka ?
Is this considered cheating?
My Husband Is Drunk, Should I Dress Him Up As A Woman, Make Up And Fish Nets?
I have been married 26 yrs and just found out by accident that my husband has been cheating online. pls help?
I am very scared?
Bank is doing a fingerprint back ground check?
19 yrs ago I was accepted into the PA ARD Program, finished probabtion, will anything show up in criminal rep?
Passports, Canada... maybe an outstanding traffic ticket...?
I'm 17, in WV and i wish to move out without my parents consent. Am i allowed to do this?
What are the drug laws in hong kong?
i want to be an fbi agent, how?
How long can an inmate be held at a county Jail after they have been sentenced?
Where can I find a Justice of Peace in Sydney?
Im doing a paper on my career which is police officer for nypd. what are the steps for the hiring process?
husband in jail since yesterday on traffic warrant totals 1800 how much to get him out?
i got a speeding ticket in spain while vacationing, should i pay, whats the worst it could happen...?
how to remove theft from criminal record in Washington State?
Law Queensland stopping a mental patient harrasing me?
Photo lic. cover - is this a primary reason to be pulled over?
i stole fourty dollars from my friend and he filed a police report what will happen in nj?
can any on give me somee advice on this please?
I recieved a ticket that costs $150 dollars now, if there is something wrong on the ticket is it void?
if your on probation in new south wales and move to QLD on the run can QLD police take you back to nsw?
Is it legal to pursuit this girl?
Can people sue the State if the State sues to not have Health care reform?
ok i got summons to appear in court over a bill should i get a lawyer?
my son paid half his bond, failed to pay the 2nd half.Can they seize my property?
In Australia, is it illegal to track down a person's i.p address?
My unwanted guardian stole $548.00 from my bank account. Does anybody know how I can get into his bank account?
Father gets a long punishment for a punch than those that raped his daughter?
unpaid legal fees on unit purchase?
what you will do if you believe that your colleagues' criticisms of your work is not fair.?
Pre-requisites for law?
What is the name of cases that are being used as an example in future cases?
Why should canadians swear faithfull and bear true alllegiance to the queen elizabeth and successors?
Can i take this person for defamation of character? HELP!?
what do you do when a solicitor treats you with really bad behaviour?
Is it illegal for your employer to not provide you with a job description?
If there was no contraceptive pill, and no legal abortion, would society look much different than it does now?
What does Putative father mean, legally?
How the High Court of Australia has impacted on the Australian Constitution?
My Fiancee Who Is a E-1 in the marines just left me 8 months pregnant, About how much child support will i get?
What Navy rate gets to be at sea most?
Is the military service mandatory in Australia?
what can u do if two females r fighting and need to stop it?
Future Soldier Training Program?
What are Australia's military allies?
How strong is the Australian defense force, i.e. air force, navy, C.I.A ?
Atttention Australian Army Wives!!!?
Australian Army-need some questions answered?
Meps and lieing???????
Why are politicians always lawyers and military dudes?
Do I have to have a bachelors degree to go to OCS?
How much evil must we do in order to do good ?
Why did the U.S Army "subdue", rank insignia?
How do I tell my parents that I want to join the military?
If there where a World War 3, could the Australian Government force people to fight (including under 18's)?
As prior military joining army this time what's the best duty station to select when you have children?
Sealed case of a paraphernalia charge. DQ'd for Air Force?
Army Cryptologic Linguist...?
i've allready change the baterry?
How can McCain live with the knowledge that his Party has has failed injured and disabled veterans?
What kind of group is the Taliban?
i got a speeding ticket?
Will an outstanding speeding fine stop my passport from being processed?
Has there been any indictment in the Joe Horn case.?
If I were a Canadian citizen, how would i be able to become a LAPD swat officer in the U S?
I have to go to court in az on monday it is my first offense for shoplifting what is going to happen to me?
Canadian search warrant are police allowed to be in a premise longer than the time specified on the warrant?
Speeding Ticket?
When do you call the police?
Can i search for the minimum imposed sentence based on crime?
What are the limits of your tolerances? Stress, destressers, and how you cope? What happened to you?
your living in your own private idaho?!?
Are most movies made from the public crime records.. they are boringly predictable.?
what happens if you have a warrant out but pay your fines before you get arrested?
Do I have to report this breech of a Domestic Violence Order?
I waived my prelimanry hearing. Can i my waive my arrainment?
can police view photo licences in their vehicles?
How bad is detention center?
NSW POLICE: I have a tribal tat on my right shoulder to my elbow, can i join the nsw police with it???
Controlling Spouse needs To Face up?
How do I deal with the exs new girlfriend?
Do men find their wives criticize them? If so how?
My husband notice someone else. What can i do?
What do you classify as cheating?
me and my husband fight all the time and tonight he got so mad he pushed me down what do i do?
Am I destined to feel like this forever?
My partner suffers from depression and has decided he doesn’t want me in his life. ?
what does "Pre-Assembled" mean?
im in a controlling relationship, i want to leave i have 2 kids and no money, he tells me if i leave he will ?
what do you think? is he cheating?
Sacrificing a friendship for her marriage!?
Why do I keep picking the same sort of man?
a friend of mine who is miserable in his marriage?
should i stay with him?
OK people... why do some of my answers get deleted?
Domestic Violence Order breech advice (Australia)?
if you ever kill someone on purpose or commited a crime......?
i did not apply for selective service. can i become peace officer in california?
Philadelphia Mask Law?
If I have a probation warrent in one state will it show up if question by police in another state?
move out when you are 17 in texas?
lost license 4 6 mths on the spot for dui.Will previous conviction 4 dui be held against me. was 6 yrs ago.?
What does someone have to do to become a dispatcher in there town?
I have an unpaid summons that I did not show up to court or pay for. How do I handle this matter?
what if he can't pay? Where does he stand?
My Friend Bought a handgun from a face to face deal. He is only 20 years old. Is he leagally allowed to carry?
Question about copyright law music, piracy etc?
Hit and run?
my dads a convicted felon but all the things were not true so can he have blackpowdered rifles and can he ever
I got exactly 0.05% alcohol in RBT (in QLD). Any suggestions for my court appearance?
what would you do if a recruitment officer knocked on your door and asked to speak to your teenage children?
What is life like as an NCIS Agent or an FBI Agent?
can u explain the process of getting a driver's license?
I am 5'9 2/ and 135lbs, what is a good weight I should be for Army BCT? ?
My Fiance's just left to Navy boot camp in Illinois.. help?
how about if your MOS is infantry what army base will you choose ?
i need 15 major events in the united states during 1991-2008?
will i see combat if im a marine my job being a legal administrator?
What are the specifics of OCC?
How Do I find Classmates from Air Force Basic Training from 1996?
i want to join the SAS and need to know how many pushups and situps etc i need to do to get fit enough ?
Joining the Navy soon
how hard is the testing for the australia navy, as a general entry sailor??
Should I study for my General Technical on the ASVAB if I got a 88 overall on the practice test?
I want to join the Navy reserves, do you go to boot camp after you sign up?????
ADF Gap Year - anyone done it?
What is the oldest unit in the ADF??r=1217726818
How do i get Promoted Faster in the Army ? i joined.
Im out of active duty Marines now (EAS). Where do I turn in/send my military ID?
Becoming a Marine, what inspired you to join?
my boyfriend is in fort jackson sc for basic training
What job could I get in the Army with my qualifications?
Daughters share in fathers self acquried property?
Child support, what is the cut off age?
Is it possible to change an inmates location during his sentence ?
Does anyone know the name of any laws that have been made in the last 10 years?
can i go to usa for holiday with a drug conviction?
can i reposes my horses shes a con women?
HOW TO REPORT UNFAIR WORKPLACE CONDITIONS...?? (in victoria, without joining a union)?
marriage license information?
Australians do you think capital punish should be brought back?
Can I order a prescription from overseas to Australia?
If you see a video online which involves cruelty to animals, who do you report it to?
What powers do law enforcers have in Australia?
can you import Mimosa Hostilis into Australia?
What is the difference between reprimand and warning?
where is euthanasia legal?
Do I have a case for Defamation of character?
What is the difference betwwen homice and murder?
Civil court contempt?
Knife laws in each state of Australia?
can i check online to see if my license is suspended?
does this exist?
Is Texas looking for me? How do I check NCIC?
Does Florida Department Of Corrections probation use hair testing?
What is the average cost for a speeding ticket/fine in Adelaide, South Australia?
I got a speeding ticket for going 51 in a 35. Can I avoid going to court? Im 18.?
I was fined $550 by police for having a knife in a public place (a leather-man) multi tool is there any rule.?
Can you get a $45 dollar ticket for having a broken brake light?
How does someone become a detective in Sydney Australia?
What will happen to me i got caught drinking under age and i have a lisence?
Am I entitled to a police investigation by right (Aussie)?
Police have scared my parents with a summons to court because neighbor thinks our security cameras are?
Can a cop block a driveway?
As volunteer police officer in thailand can i get gun licence?
Help with friend arrested with false license?
No conviction recorded?
Crime Scene Investigators?
i am 30 and want to remove a criminal offence from 2001on my driving and criminal record in NH?
What to do about my speeding ticket?
Do ASIO or ASIS agents carry guns?
whats marion county jail like 43302?
Does anyone know how old you have to be to join the melbourne police force? and how you go about doing it?
This is hard!!!?
Girls & ladies, biologically, do you think you are inclined to polygamous?
I'm confused by what he said? what do you think he meant?
Would you care if your husband danced with a belly dancer?
what can u do if your sister had an affair with your husband?
getting over your wifes cheating????HOW?
boyfriend dramas! he doesnt care :(?
Why hasn't my man married me yet? We've been together for 8 yrs?
Why Do women act giddy around me?
If we get divorced, my husband says he does not want to pay child support. Read on?
My husband does not do me as often as I would like?
How to forget your ex-love story ,good memorises and feelings?
Dealing with affair and marraige and children?
Does it matter who has custody of you if you wanna get married and one parent says yes and the other says no?
What made you cheat on your husband or wife?
Men: Why Get Married?
What happens if denied secret clearance while in OCS?
If you already took the ASVAB and you swore in can you retake the test...if so when?
Thompson M1 A1 SMG Stats,?
whats the pay per drill after basic and ait for 25b reserve?
Is it possible to join msob (marine special operations battalion) if you wear glasses?
Air Force housing...is it different at every base?
My wife is currently in basic training at Fort Jackson. Is there a way to see a picture or video of her?
I am in the Army where my fiance is going into the Air Force, are we able to be stationed together if at all?
how can i get a message to my husband?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Extent to which objectives were achieved in Vietnam?
What are the College opportunities the Marines give?
Hey,Im going to go for a positions in the Australian Army Rifleman Read below for more details?
Can anyone identify these Australian War medals?
i have a family reunion to attend in 2 weeks could i wear my navy dress uniform if so ? whites or blues ?
whats the legal age in Australia to use a rifle?
I am considering joining the Marines.?
Question about me being drafted...?
I have my first RSP Drill this weekend for the National Guard. My MOS is 11B. What should i wear?
Does anyone know the percentage of German POWs who stayed in America after WWII?
Is it illegal to make out in a car in a parking lot?
How did the enforcement of laws on dog barking get so out of whack?
how long does a misdemeanor last its grand theft can employers see it?
arrested and becoming a teacher?
Just charged with a misdemeanour for possession of marijuana, what does unsupervised probation entail?
this my boyfriend's second not reporting violation and i have him a lawyer.i think he needs drug rehab?
I got court with 23 ecstasy tablets (in position) and 2 grams of weed (that I got trafficking charges for)?
What are some punishments that police officers receive for behaving out of line?
Having a debate: Can you be charged in aust for Being on drugs or just for posession of drugs and utensils?
boyfriend was arrested this morning for unpaid speeding ticket he got 2 years ago?
need help writing of apology & help whats going to happen with first offence??
How do you go about becoming a police officer in Australia? Queensland? How long would it take?
can i sue the police for drug raiding my house 7 times when they have never found any drugs in my house?
During school holiday do we have to follow the speed limit in school zone?
i wish to pay an outstanding fine but cannot find infingement notice what do i do?
Posession of shooms vs intent to sell?
whats the worst thing that can happen when i jail break my ipod?
undercover agents spotted?
What is a Police Officer to be or What is a Police Officer to you?
How can you be summoned to an arraignment WITHOUT ever being arrested?
are semiauto rifles illegal in michigan?
im in michigan my boyfriend got his first case felony of gun possession wasnt threatenig or shooting anyone?
help me please deal with affair and marraige and children?
why does love hurt so MUCH in so many diffrent ways HOW do you deal with ur feelings and get over ur emotions?
CAN I have a marriage without a wedding? PLEASE answer.?
How do you deal with a close relative that marries to another race undesirable to you?
What the dose the DOLT mean? I see some ppl using in in answers..?
Relationship problem - move in or move out?
Husband and anger mangerment.....?
Girls,how do I tell my husband,that we may need some time apart,not a divorce just some time apart...?
what a mess a cheater makes?
What questions should i write for a question game for my husband?
What do you call the offsprings of Brothers marring twins?
i dont understand guys y do u all hide ur phones away from ur wifes is it coz ur cheating be honest?
In Australia - Wife pregnant by another guy - legally where do I stand?
Does anyone elses husband do this?
Would you be happy for your partner to....?
Does my friend have a secret crush and is she in denial?
what are the pros and cons to getting married?
question for anyone who has been through a divorce- or knows about them?
A girl in Georgia was raped and died.?
Right or wrong FBI Spying on you through face book myspace twitter?
for any one who knows about law?
Why are politicians, lawyers and used car salesmen not trusted?
What are some common terms in a contract of sale?
Bullying in the workplace, Australia?
what is the number in victoria to see if you are black listed in rental?
what do u think of islamic sharia laws effect on women?
If I have an "Australia Post Only" sign, is it illegal for the catalogue distributors to put junk mail?
why do people Bow/ acknowledging the judge/magistrate?
Will Marijuana ever become legal in the U.S.?
what is your opinion on raising the legal drinking age to 21 and your reason.?
I am looking for a big, prestigious, case to cite, which revolves around the legitimacy of Government?
ex in laws and wills?
To receive a copy of ones birth cert.?
R employer not responsible for mentally/emotionally damage caused due to poor managements?
How can I flag videos for copyright infringement?
if you change your birth records can anyone access it?
In India What is the penalty for the manslaughter of a child?
Does no conviction mean no record. I live in vic and it was 20 years ago.?
what does contest mention mean in a court hearing?
How much money does Australia spend on their army?
IS war really that bad? I know it's kinda a stu[id question but I was wondering.?
How to get a high-risk, high pay job overseas (iraq or afganistan) I am ex aust military, Para infantry?
Geospatial imagery intelligence analysts?
My marine hubby graduates MCT soon and I was wondering when I will be able to go and live with him?
what happens at the Brig in Camp Pendleton? Is 1 months serious? can you get back to the base after that?
==>>Why does'nt Australia build its own tanks<<==?
Getting ready for BMT then CCT indoc.?
Joining Army Rangers after college ROTC?
My friend is leaving for basic training and good present ideas?
the word "click" marine jargon--what is the distance related to??
Army Question?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Join The Australian Army?
Royal marine apitude test?
Hi what would have a better chance of becoming a Fighter Pilot or a Attack helicopter pilot?
ok i have just joined the navy to be a MA .havent gone to bootcamp yet an wanted to know if my bf could come?
My g.f. joined the Navy. Whats a job she can choose that doesnt get deployed? IT? Graphic Design? HELP :(?
If I go in as specialist on my field(88M) can I use that as steeping stone to Special Forces?don't loose rank?
Army infantry???
My boyfriend has gotten charged with his first felony gun charge what swntence might he get??
party to end all parties?
I got a ticket in surprise arizona andjust found out at the last minute i can't make it to court. options?
What are the ranks in the Australian Police Force?
Will i get in more trouble if i am dirty before i am actually on probation. I mean they already know ive done?
Why is Marion Jones the only one going to jail? It looks like Martha Stewart all over again.?
parole drug test?
Is there SWAT in Australia? And how would you become part of swat if there is?
how long could i go to jail if i drank on probation?
how do i find out info on a stalker? police wont help. have perps mobile number can i get info that way?
What are the cons or disadvanatages of video surveillance in police/patrol cars?
can you report a policeman for entrapment? If so, to who?
how do i search a serial number to find if its stolen?
What charges can be brought up against your for lying to a police officer?
can someone tell me in hundred words the reasons for wanting to be prison officer?
Speeding Tickets in New Hampshire?
I want to retrew one month advance which I had paid to flat owner. Who will help me in this task. Police?
How long does it take for an alcoholic drink to wear off rendering the drinker safe to drive?
current or former police offers especially australians?
Wife hasn't worked in 3 months and has decided to babysit ?
Am I over-reacting or being selfish?
I've just found out my husband has talked to his ex lover!?
Ladies what happends when you meet the 'dream guy'?
For past 12 years I've wanted to join the Police but it means I'll have to leave my friends/home.Can't decide!
if a man leaves a pregnant woman.........?
Should I call the cops on my neighbours?
I've been married 32 years and my husband told me he has lost feelings for me. What does that mean?
Girls, does your boyfriend/husband's driving frustrate you?
how much do you love your wife/husband?
my husband is working and I stay home to look after my 2 kids.Will I get the $900 bonus from the stimulus pack?
Just out of curiousity, guys would you marry Nayda Suleman?
How do I register weapons in Forida that were purchased overseas?
How would you feel if your husband was doing this?
What should i do i went away for a weekend to my fiancee parents and?
Little help on special cuddles?
I got a ticket within my court sepervision?
Bipolar disorder and custody battle?
Is the area around the Van Nuys police station still infested with gangs?
Is it legal in the US for a bird to flash her prawn like Britney and Paris always seem to?
men whats the 1 thing you wish your wife would do more?
how do i win back my husband?
I am marrying after 6 months. Long enough?
Police officers and trainers of the concealed gun license classes?
What can I do if I don't like my husbands new friend?
who owns the front lawn area (footpath) of a house? The property owner? or the council?
I received a speeding ticket in MO, but I'm from NY. It was my first offense...?
My neighbour left their garden hose tap running but Redland Shire Council do not care.?
how can i get an arrest warrant lifted in NJ?
I'm in New York City and want to know what the criminal offense charge of T.O.S./CR. TRES means. Thanks!?
Should I tell my brother I made out with his wife?
How can I bring up marriage?
Have you been caught stealing from a supermarket in Australia?
How can I get my record expunged?
in a hypenated name does the husbands or the wife's name usually come first?
What questions does abusers Lawyers ask me (victim) in a Domestic Violence court case.?
I got a speeding ticket...will my license get taken away???
what country has the best army?
Can anyone tell me about base housing on Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii?
My fiance just left for Air Force boot camp and I was curious when she can call with the address?
Residence in Auss Army from NZ Army?
what is a 25q job in the army?
What is the best special forces unit in the world?
what are the consoquences for possesing a firarm silencer, more pacific a silencer attached to a firearm?
Why would I lose a stripe? What would it be based on?
Military Camps for Teens?
Where in my resume do i put my whims, H2S and first aid?
RAAF training unit?
Hi im want to join the RAAF and become a pilot im 15 in year 9 and i am not good at math?
what is the life style really like in the australian army?
wat article (UCMJ) falls under not reporting a incindent to your chain of command?
I'm in the military and I 'm going through a medical board to get out, but my first sergeant is trying to
Ok I'm not in the best of shape, but I want to go to Air Force military training in Sept.?
In the Australian SAS whats the biggest run you do also do you have you run it all?
The Best Army MOS?
U.S marines Anti-air capability?
How long does it take mail to get to a person in Basic Training?
What exactly is DIRSUP about?
Do you get many days off when doing basic training at Kapooka?
what it takes to be a pilot in airforce?
i was charge of misdemeanor grand theft in california its my frist offense i dont know what is the penalty?
Can I beat/ kill a hawk if it attacks my puppy?
Can an Australian Government rescind any UN agreements signed by a previous Government?
what is the process i have to go through if my ex takes me to court for custody of our newborn child?
how would a judge normally rule on a child visitation case like this ?
What are a fathers rights regarding custody of his child in Australia?
Is it illegal to be made to work while i have a sick certificate in Queensland?
What are the legal requirements for buying an existing shop?
who does the anti discrimination act 1977 apply to?
it is beneficial to abolish death penalty?
im in nsw,aus,my cousin sent her 2 yr old to grandparents in another state for holiday .......................?
How do you find out if a lawyer is still practicing law?
How loud can I have my music in my room? Legally...?
Are the new R18 video laws brought in by Michael Atkinson Legal?
what can we do as U.S. citizens to abolish the death penalty?
Hypothetical Situation?
Legallity of searching laptop at boarding school?
My 19 year old son got straight Ds on his report card. Can I sue the school for flailing to teach him?
Is the Divonne Holmes iPhone incident civil or criminal law?
cheated on what to do?
how should i deal with this girl i like but has a boyfriend?
If there was no spark at the beginning...?
Why dose my wife have such nice big breast?
What's the best thing about being a stepmom?
Need your help please...faithful friends from Y&A?
My husband gets me to carry everything but gets angry if I drop something...why?
Does it get better? With time and sleep and prayer?
Wot do u do when 2 pple are arguing 1 is drunk bt speaks the truth and the other is just making matters worst?
should i stay with him ?
my husband chooses his mother over me?
Part 2: To my question about my organised partner?
Would you want to see a letter your husbands ex lover has told you she has for you?
Cost of certificate IV in Telephone Counseling?
does this sound dodgy to you....partner lied?
re: previous question!!?
WIA recognition?
does the army accept online diplomas or online geds?
do you guys beleive that russias t-90 can penetrate the abrams frontal armor?
How long would it take Australia to have its own nuclear weapons?
I have complete the JOES day but I can't decide on a career in the ADF?
What is life like for an Australian rifleman?
Does anyone know where a recruiter office for the Airforce is around Southwest Florida?
Army national guard?
Is Nick D'Arcy a fascist?
What are the benefits for Purple Heart recipients?
How much schooling is needed for being an MP for the airforce?
Do the R.A.N. clearance diver teams have a sharp shooter or sniper division under their MTO squad?
if i scored a 87 on the ASVAB is that good?
Why is it that when an Australian Soldier is KIA in Afghanistan.........?
If I go 11B, can I still be 25C?
Do all US military aviators attend SERE school?
Deal is sealed i'm going regardless!has it been easier to get girls being in the army?
Can anyone inform me of why Australians involved in the war in Afghanistan?
Does australia have nuclear weapons? What would be its rank among the countries in terms of nuclear superpower
I want to get into law enforcement in Illinois but I have a criminal record.?
Is it legal to purchase and carry a stun gun or a stun batton in Malaysia for self -defensed?
Queensland Police Wages?
Australia - police search/questioning?
how do you report road rage in Illinois?
Is it legal for a cop to mark a persons vehicle to be watched by other cops? Even when the car isn't stolen?
To become a Police Officer?
To any Policemen. If Bush were to impose Martial Law would you blindly follow the order?
People shooting up malls & churches, what's America coming to ?
what would actually happen if i called 911 from a landline in australia. would someone from america pick up?
do English police carry guns?
And this does not sound scary to you?
how do i locate a inmate in south central regional jail in west virgina?
i am trying to obtain a career in law enforcement. will an entry level separation hold me up?
Does foreign criminal record get transferred back to Australia?
WHAT is she FACING? :(?
how can I complain about hospital treatment in australia?
mechanic had my car 12 months and he wont give it back !!! HELP?
Ticket for failure to drive in the right lane. How can I avoid it?
Operate without permission?
My mobile phone has been stolen, should i report it to the police?
How can I find out the fine for failing to control speed from DPS in Dallas?
why is there so many rats on yahoo answers?
How long til you receive your penalty for neg driving?
Use of taser guns?
If a criminal case has been dismissed through Civil Compromise, what will you answer for the below question.?
My boyfriend has been charged with domestic violence. No previous criminal history. Will he go to jail?
Do you obey.....?
For Accutrac, does there have to be two fixed points or can he use any two points to start timing?
what happens if 4 underage kids get caught stealing alcohol from a grocery?
if the cops jumped behind me and i keep going and they got the tag #what are they going to do they didnt catch
I found the object in "Snickers". What should i do??!?
whats easier to become a cop or firefighter?
Murder sentences for policemen?
Is there any hope I can become a police officer?
why do we have to pay for fine's with money,is there no other way for your crime PCN etc etc?
I have heard that when your house is bugged (surveillance) that light bulbs blow in the house? Is this true?
What can be said if your using the freedom of speech laws in Australia?
DVO (Domestic Violence ORder) HELP!?
genral law?
What is the civil liability of parents by damages makes of their sons underage?¿in what nºcode? Thanks?
camera monitor on marjuana crops?
What kind of motion is appropriate in court?
How big is the Australian copyright problem?
IS AMERICA STILL THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD? our we still number one in education and character?
From a legal view....?
How can i search / find copyright details of a service /product apparently "lodged in Canberra?
what are the guidelines for noisy workplaces?
How many more Australian children have to be killed before we honour them with sentencing reflecting the crime?
Policy for tattoos in the workplace?
Should rich people pay higher fines than poor people for driving offences etc in Australia?
The School discriminated against my child, should I sue them? What should I do here?
is the court able to order a child be put in the care of a homeless parent?
I'm against graffiti. I don't know what arguments and evidence to write?
is there an international law that addresses the issue of censorship...?
are there any laws for selling things on the side of the road?
What legal powers does The World Court have?
Can your parents restrict you leaving the house at 18?
how much should it cost to have a lawyer do up a will?
what is your opinion please?
Am I sinning?I feel like I am?
Would you marry for a visa?
Between the decree nici and decree absolute, if the husband dies, is the surviving wife widowed?
is this mother abandonment?
Do cheating men ever change?
Help! this child is going to get hurt ..they blame my husband?
my husband has trust issues?
Husband asked wife, "What can I do to make you happy?"?
does anyone know of a divorce lawyer in melbourne that would do a settlement but be paid after the settlement?
Partner trouble. Serious answers only please?
what kind of man does this and will he treat her better?
is it possible that some men just want a meal ticket thru life?
i dont know what to do ?
I have a warrant in Mo will I be arrested getting a marriage license?
do you guys think china will invade the U.S in the future?
Super Hornet?
What other medals were awarded to Cpl Willie Apiata?
Process to go into West Point from being Enlisted?
Bonuses for skills?
Any additional info or description on US ARMY Signal collector/ analyst?
My husband went to navy boot camp a week ago. Does anyone know when I will receive his address so I can write?
anyone done the combat engineering specialist test recently, what do you know ? will you share?
After Basic Training at Kapooka how many days leave do you get?
Female Navy Haircut?
What will happen if someone joins the army during his 4 years minimum.?
Joining the RAN - Medical Questions?
What was it like to fight in war?
just thinking ahead?
Israel wars why does it happen?
Aussie military?
Can some one send my the NZ airforce tests that they give at the testing place?
When are members of the army able to choose another hairstyle after their induction cut?
how well trained are U.S marines compared to the worlds forces?
Australian Army Reserves/Uni Degree?
Army songs?
FYI Bob Cameron, 99% of Victorian Cops are Corrupt along with 99% of politicians You included.?
Forensic Science- (police are much welcome)?
Anyone have an estimate for 121mph in a 65 mph zone speeding ticket fine in Texas?
How to become a Federal Agent?
when(on the spot OR after few days) police officer issue a ticket when accident happen?
How can I find someone In Canada?
Should jail prisoners be put to work on restoring the environment ?
Laws are to soft on people who rape,what do you think should happen?
Is expandable baton illegal to carry on street?
is it true that if my daughter skipped bail the police only have 2 years to act upon her warrent?
who do in need permission from in Australia (Victoria) to make rocket propellants and fireworks?
i am currently in the police force and how can i get into TRG(tactical response group)?
Out of state MIP in california?
Australian Q - Lying on a job application?
How much does a detective in Sydney make a year?
What action can u take if people own u money and wont pay it bak?
Please help to write a good character letter to police Department.?
mugshots texas?
police investigate = not doing anything? they do nothing! only the ones thats really serious, the rest is..?
why police corruption growing what your plans to curb this issue?
should there be some kind of government who creates and enforces international laws?
How likely is it that a Marine Officer Reservist goes active duty?
How long should i train for a chance to join the RAN clearance dive team..do u have to b an olympian?
Joining the airforce after high school vs. after college?
What would his punishment be for going awol before basic training in the national guard?
Who would survive?
who's better i know that they say different ops group but if you had to pic Navy SEALS or the Australian SASR
Does the US military still use methods of . interrogation . that violate International laws?
In the Australian SAS what is the biggest run they do?
In the ADF what % of Apllicants get into Officer training?
anyone meet thier girlfriend during army leave at a club/bar?
What do you need to score on the GT portion of the asvab test to be marine infantry?
What does the GT part of the asvab test ask for the marine corps?
How much are Australian soldier respected?
How did the US succeed in uprooting the Taliban?
My fiance is serving 6 months in confinement at a Korean jail for a series of petty thefts. Quick appeal?
Collecting rent from a military officer?
who started the world war1?
Will my boyfriend in basic training receive any of my previous mail over a little number fault?
cluster bombs out.napalm back in?
Hi I recently turned 17 and want to join the navy?
Isn't the US going to start replacing the Humvees in Combat zones with other specially designed vehicles?