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If I put my plates on someone elses car will my insurance cover it?
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If I put my plates on someone elses car will my insurance cover it?

My brother is a dealer and I will be borrowing a car for a day or two and I am wondering if I take off the dealer plates and put one of my own cars plates and carry my insurance card, will my insurance cover any accidents or damages that may happen?

If I need to do anything else, let me know in detail what and any costs.


The Gooroo
No, insurance will not cover it. Insurance covers the CAR, not the license plate. Do not even bother trying this -- not worth it.

No. Insurance goes with the car, not with the plates. Now suppose for a minute you get stopped. You are driving a 2007 Lincoln but the plate and the insurance card comes back to a 1988 Ford Focus. Do you think the officer is going to go "Okay, just slow down" and let you go, or are alarms bells and red lights likely to go off?

You can do it providing you aren't stopped. If you are, you're going to be arrested and the car towed. And if you aren't stopped, it's providing you don't have any accidents, since insurance won't cover you. Or to put it in easy to understand terms. NO.

If you do get in a wreck, or happen to get pulled over..you can get in very VERY big trouble for driving a car with liscence plates that are registered on another vehicle.

LB xoxo
no it wont. the insurance covers the car that has been registered withthat particular license plate. so if u have a red honda with license plate number 0000000 and u put it on a black suburban or something, it is illegal and if you get pulled over you could get fined, revoked license, and ticketed. and to register ur brothers car on ur insurance, you have to show proof of ownership. since you dont own the vehicle, you cant do that either.

i don't think you need to switch the plates. they can still tell it isn't the car on the insurance. you just need to find out if your brothers insurance covers other people and what your insurance covers.

That's illegal. Insurance goes by vin.

That fraud and no your insurance coverage has nothing to do with the license plates, so not only would you be committing fraud, you'll be driving uninsured.

Are you serious? No.

Lapband Man
If you are borrowing a car from a dealer, there should be dealer plates on it. PERIOD!

If you are borrowing a car from someone else, that has no plates, I would check with Motor vehicles before driving it.

What ever you do, do not take your plates and put it on any other car.

You insurance will cover you for your vehicle only, unless there is a waiver signed by you!

Taking dealer plates and putting them on anything that is not a dealer vehicle is FRAUD! Putting your plates on a vehicle that the plates are not registered to, is going to get you into trouble.

Insurance goes with the car, not the tag. Besides, what you are thinking about doing would be illegal. Not only would your insurance refuse to cover the other car, you would also get a hefty fine (maybe worse) for having your tag on the wrong vehicle.

You would be violating the law if you do that. Insurance won't cover and you could be fined or even go to jail

Only if you have a bill of sale saying you've just purchased the vehicle. Your insurance will cover a newly acquired vehicle for a certain number of days with the same coverages as your current vehicle has. However you cannot just put your plates on the vehicle. The plates would have to be transferred to the new vehicle.

Rumisha R
I don't think your insurance will cover it. Those plates are assigned to that 1 car. I would as your insurance agent. I would think too, you may could get a ticket.

Scott H
Probably not. Sounds like a form of fraud to me.

If you put YOUR clothes on your brother, would he be covered??

No.....I didn't think so.

Same answer would apply for the car.

If your brother is a car dealer - why not just drive the car with HIS plates and let his dealer's insurance cover you??

Check your policy - it might provide temporary coverage as a temporary substitute.

When in doubt.....call your insurance agent.

Good luck, drive RESPONSIBLY and I hope this helps!

Hi...yes, you need to call your insurance company about ANY car you want covered even if it's one day. I am pretty sure they will give you a prorated charge for a few days coverage, however.

The only other option is just taking your chances and having no coverage, of course driving around with the plates and card will appear to cover it...but if something DID happen...you wouldn't be.

I know it stinks that you would have to pay for a day or two's coverage, but pretty sure there will be some charge.

Hope this helped :)

Just call your insurance company and add the car for a couple of days , should be no additional cost unless its a sport car of something out of norm. if you just put the plate on your not covered , since you report the vehicle with VIN number in a accident especially when there is injury involved. Cover your butt and not the plates

Hi Can I have my plate put in my friends name as he wants the car back and he has his insurance on it already. Can I just have him then put my plate in his name as I will not be driving it once it goes back to him.

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