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What classifies a car title as "branded", "reconstructed", or "salvaged"?
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What classifies a car title as "branded", "reconstructed", or "salvaged"?


Terry D
BER= Beyond economical repair. Stay away from them.

On the front of the title will unavoidably say somewhere
reconstructed or salvaged

This is when the car was totaled in an accident,damaged more than 70% of the vehicles book value. The insurance company towed it to an insurance yard and was purchased by a repairman, then , fixed by him for re-sale.

The title is branded to let all buyers ,for the life of the vehicle ,to be aware of this.

If your considering buying a repaired car,the vehicles value is automatically 20% less than full book value. I have seen many, and would say 40% of them were damaged in a way were if repaired by an average body repairman, they would still be 99.9% the same as a non accident vehicle.(most of these had the damages to the rear of the car)
The other 60% are damaged in a more critical way, to be vague.

It would not be logical to pay full book value a branded car as the same amount of money can buy you a non accident car. When it is time for you to sell it it will require you to offer a 20% price discount to incline a buyer to buy it over a non accident vehicle.

example/ 04 Chevy blazer book value...............................$14,...
one with branded title........less 20%...............................--$ 2,900
new book value......................................

Searching for a very discounted sale price, buying a branded car can be logical. I have bought many.

Prior to buying I would, pay a $75.00 fee to a good body shop to pre-inspect the car.Any seller not agreeing to let you do this means walk away.

good luck

I'm not sure what you mean by branded.

Salvage title, means, that the car was a total loss. That means, there was enough damage, that the cost to repair the damage was more than the car was worth. Now, if you've got a $500 POS with two broken windows, those windows make the car a total loss.

If someone BUYS that car, that the insurance company totalled out and put a salvage title on, and they want to put it on the road again, they have to fix the windows - make it roadworthy, pass inspection, etc. Once they do that, they can change that salvage title for a "reconstructed" title.

A car with a salvage or recon title is worth about HALF what the KBB private party sale says it's worth, so if you're thinking about buying one, keep that in mind. If KBB says it's worth $6,000, if it has a salvage or rebuilt title, it's REALLY only worth $3,000.

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