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Does anyone else's husband sit down on the toilet when he pees?
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Does anyone else's husband sit down on the toilet when he pees?

Mine does all the time and i just think it's really weird!! I mean is that normal? Is it laziness on his part? Anyone else out there have the same issue? Thanks!


i think your husband is a woman.

You should thank him, it's much cleaner in the bathroom when they sit. It's not unusual.

My hubby does sometimes. It depends on how he is feeling at the time. There is no shame or weirdness in it. It keeps the toilet cleaner because there is no spray. Some mothers train little boys to sit down, just like women do. It's not a big deal.

MY HUSBAND DOES IT.. he says it's so he doens't splash.. it's wierd

Ghanaian Princess
i know a man that does the same thing...it's better than him peeing in the toilet without lifting the seat or always forgetting to put down the seat

Tania M
You are the happiest girl on the entirely world and doesn't know it!
I am sure your bathroom smells good, because he never spills anything while peeing or get the toilet border wet that runs down to the floor, leaving yellow marks on the carpet due to wrong aim...
My husband is very cooperative on this matter, but according to few friends their husbands and children, don't.

Hes probably doing it not to make a mess so you should thank him for this technique.

Mine does but only when he's had a few & cant stand up!

my bf does ..i thought it wuz weird so i asked people i kno and surprisingly ALOT of the guys do sit down when they pee.they say it prevents splashing.dont worry its NORMAL.

genious man
actually it is a good habit , me and siblings all do the same and we are men ofcourse , cause it indicate the cleanliness of the person and we are thought to do that , otherwise if the man pees while he is stand , his pees will spreed everywhere. i don't think your husband is lazy , if he is lazy he'll stand

road runner
many men do that.. the bathroom is a spot for peace and quiet. nobody will DARE to interrupt me when in there whether I am peeing or dumping. it is a safe quiet reading room in my house.

Some men do it because that's just how they were brought up

Jill L
I think it's strange. Men seem more masculine when they stand...my 2 cents...

The Hollow Girl
If it bothers you so much why did you marry him?

Be glad he does, it makes the bathroom cleaner....He is actually doing you a favor. Enjoy the courtesy!

Helen W.
Mine does and I think it's great. I never have to worry about him not putting the seat back down!

Yes mine does that too! At first I was shocked by it but then I realized how considerate he is to do that. It's not lazy, it actually keeps the bathroom so much cleaner!!!

My bf sits to pee. Even in public. He says it splatters on him when he stands. Let it go!

My husband only sits when he's had too much to drink or when he's taking a crap lol : ) Funny question though!

mine doesn't but when finishes, never put down the toilet that's not a very gentleman like and can't change that

I would love if mine did it, i wouldn't have to clean the toilet everyday

You are worried about some pretty silly stuff.

That's weird. But don't make a big deal of it. Maybe his mom got tired of him peeing all over the toilet and made him sit down.

I think you are an ignorant ranting bitc..h.

The operational rule is- Sit at home and stand in public restrooms.

Think about it- Why sit in a dirty public restroom unless you must and why leave open a chance of leaving the seat up and pis.sing off the spouse.

I don't think I like you and your attitude.

Old Guy

Debt Free!
nope. haven't seen this behavior unless he knows he has to do more than pee

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