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Are there any solutions to an icy driveway which do not hurt the driveway?
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Are there any solutions to an icy driveway which do not hurt the driveway?

I've heard that salt is damaging?


George A
Inexpensive non-corrosive methods would be sand, cinders. cement/asphalt safe ice melt products and possibly kitty litter.

The expensive solution would be to install a heated driveway system. That way you would never need to shovel, salt, sand or cinder your drive. Just flip a switch to turn on the heating elements or in the more expensive systems, it is automatically controlled by a thermostat.

Mr. Magoo
Don't use rock salt. Especially on concrete or paving stones - it puts little holes in the concrete. There are non-rock salt products you can use. There is one online put out by a company called ULine. I'm sure you can find something similar at the local grocery or hardware store or a big box hardware store like Lowe's or Home Depot or even Walmart.

salt will only damage if you have a concrete drive way. and it will harm plants if you get the salt on them.

there is salt you can buy that will not harm concrete or plants.

if you have an ashphalt drive way, you can use regular salt. no problem. well, if it gets into the storm water, its bad for the enviornment.

you can also use sand.

whatever you choose.

Friendly Stranger..
Actually you can purchase sand or spread cinder on your driveway. Both of these items increase your traction and they do not damage your drive way. Salt can be damaging because it can eat away at the paint on your drive way. Salt is only a last resort but try sand or cinder.

You can use sand instead...

well they are many things that one might use and salt is the best really once the ice and snow melts and the temp rises you can wash it off with water hose

dont worry about...hundreds of millions of pounds of salt are poured on drives and roads every year.

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