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Are you supposed to walk with or against traffic?
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Are you supposed to walk with or against traffic?


Mr. KnowItAll
Ride with.
Walk against.


But you better be on the shoulder when I'm coming.

peter w
walk against the traffic and ride your bike with the traffic but you have to obey the traffic signs

Neither really matters, but if I had to, I would walk against traffic so I can anticipate what oncoming cars are doing. What matters most is that you walk in a safe area designated for pedestrian travel. You are risking your life when you walk on the side of a street where there are no sidewalks.

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Walk against traffic.

If there is no curb/sidewalk -- walk facing traffic (against).

If there IS a sidewalk -- it doesn't matter.


Ryan R
How many times do we have to deal with this question? Look in the archives first.

You are supposed to walk against traffic. It is the law.

Use sidewalks when available, and do not walk in the street.

Walk on the left side of the road if there are no sidewalks. Step off the pavement when a car approaches.

u don wan any serial killer mowing u down as roadkill, do ya?
bet on yoyos not seeing u while on the cell.
then it's goodbye charlie

Shelley L
I feel safer walking against traffic because I can see what's coming.

always face traffic

gorlitchi 2.0
I live on a reservation where there is signs up informing us that we are suppose to walk on the right side of the of the highway.Meaning against the traffic.some people do, so don,t.But the good thing about it is that nobody has been charged .

ginger p

Anthony M
if it is dark I walk against traffic so I can watch vehicle as they approach. If it is good visibility I walk with traffic.

Most books I've read which mention this subject recommend walking on the side with the Traffic coming towards you.

However, personal experience tells me it's safer to take whichever side of the road gives you the best view of what's coming + gives you the most room to dodge out of the way if you have to.. and if that means having your back to the traffic, use your ears to listen for what's coming + check behind every so often

You are supposed to walk/ride against traffic.

First so that you can see what's coming and secondly so if you do get hit there is less of an impact.

If you are facing away and get hit by a car, you are thrown forward at that speed. But if you have a head on, there is less speed and supposedly less damage.

So its mostly recommended and not law to walk against traffic because everyone is scared to be hit? Well you must all live where there are way to many hit and runs and drunks to make y'all scared. So if you live in a community where no one gets hit out walking or rarely ever, then which side do you walk? And if there is no sidewalk but a path as large or larger than a sidewalk, than why walk against traffic? Sounds like a matter of opinion and fear rather than fact and law.

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