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At what age can you start driving a car in California?
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At what age can you start driving a car in California?

is it 16 or do you have to have an adult in the car with you when you're that age
and some people say it's 18 so i don't know anymore


You can get your permit at 15 and drive while your parents or direct family members are in the car. But you can get your license at age 16 and 6 months after that you can drive your friends around.

16 with a permit. You need to go to driving school. Its required for a permit. After you get a permit you can start driving but with a parent and training with a driving school.

You can have your license at 16 years old.

John E
Learners permit at 15 1/2 and license at 16.

License at 16 years old with restrictions.

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