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At what age do you have to start paying for a child to travel on a bus?
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At what age do you have to start paying for a child to travel on a bus?


It varies from company to company and is probably influenced by whoever subsidises them
By us, it's free for under 5s, then half fare until 16. If you're still at school and aged 16,17 and 18 you can get a photocard, if your school head signs and stamps the form, which entitles you to half fares or a child-price pass.

I think its when they are over 5 & up until they are 16!

taz c
They get free travel here in London til they're 16.

In the Los Angeles area of Mexifornia, it's 5 and under are free. So at their 6th birthday they have to pay full fare.

Boston The Border Collie
Usually 5 years of age. Depends on the Company.

it varies depending on where you live. in london, it is 16. 16 is considered by london transport the legal age for kids to pay the adult fare. those under 16 travel on the bus for free


Between the ages of 3 and 15 years you have to pay a child fare. But the day after your 15th Birthday you start paying Adult fares.

Depend where you live. In london it is now free for under 16's

Jayne 2 (LMHJJ)
I think it's 5 and they pay adult fair at 16 even when they're still going to school or college.

In Bristol (First Bus) they start to charge youngsters before they are born. If you are pregnant they charge you double!!!

van n
It was 5 and over 16 years ago.

man with the golden gun
5 and over usually

with a bus, i think its four. when he/she no longer needs a pram and goes to nursery then you'll have to start paying

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