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By Law how far away do you need to be from another car while driving?
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By Law how far away do you need to be from another car while driving?

I got pulled over because I was to close to another car, I was told that I needed to be 100 ft away! I think he lied?


1 car length per every 10 mile per hour you are traveling.

Honest,Honest is right.

If I remember correctly, I think it is one car length for every ten MPH

A car length or two.

It's one car length for every 10mph you're going! So if youre driving at 60 mph, then you better have enough room for 6 cars to go in between you and that car ahead of you. Yah right like anyone does that! But still I believe that's the law here in this state! (Florida)

--- and if someone gets up on my @ss, I like to pump my brakes a little. Go ahead hit me! You better have insurance! Cus I'm going to be soooo hurt!

Not unless you were going 100 miles per hour it is actually 1 car lenth for each ten miles per hour so if you are going forty it would be forty feet and so on.

Four seconds. Distance depends on speed. When the car in front of you passes an object, you need to be able to count 4 seconds before you pass it. Stop tailgating.

Hi, It's one car length for every 10 miles an hour your car is going. Ex: you are going 40 miles per hour, that's 4 car lengths [or approximately 40 feet away from the car in front of you.]
The cop was not being truthful, unless you were traveling 100 miles an hour....which I doubt.
Sometimes these cops make up their own rules!!!
It takes you 10 feet to stop your vehicle for each 10 miles per hour that you are going.

100 or 200 feet would be for municipal vehicles like fire trucks and such, you'd have to check with your state's DMV. The rule of thumb that I was taught was one car length per 10 miles an hour. I don't think you were driving 100 mph.

The actual answer is 1 second for every 10 MPH. To judge how many seconds you are behind someone simply pick out a landmark and begin counting when the car in front of you passes it and stop when you get to it.

10 MPH = 1 sec
50 MPH = 5 sec
60 MPH = 6 sec

I hope I have been helpful

Adam the Engineer
You should follow at no more than 1 car length for every 10 mph. To give you an idea, the average car is 20feet in length. So, if you were going fifty miles per hour, you should follow at 5*20 = 100 feet. This number is a round figure and includes the time it would take you to even start to push on the brakes if the person in front of you instanly stopped. Its a good idea to leave following distance, but i'm sure you already know that. Anyhow, I wouldn't try to fight the citation, but if you're nice the judge will probably reduce your ticket.

love is soo complicated
100ft away!!!!! no way thats so not true. probably 5 or 6 feet

The law says 1 car length for each tem miles an hour of travel...so, if you're going 40, you should be four car lengths back. Of course, if you try to leave that kind of distance, stop idiot will cut you off and jump in there, but that's another story entirely.

john a
100 ft for sure

in australia its 2 seconds

Katie *lil' phoenix*
you are suppose to be at least 10 seconds behind someone.i know because my best friends dad is a cop so yeah i had hard time to grasp it.

Charles K
100 feet is correct if you are driving 55 miles or faster or on the highway. In generally at least 2-3 car lengths. It may not seem like 100 feet is alot but the yellow markers on a highway are even further apart than that, but because you are traveling so fast they seem so close apart.

Captain Seawater
Most ways to be sure is to follow the two second rule-one onethousand two onethousand...by picking an object in the distance and count-if you pass it before you hit two thousand you're too close.

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