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Can Police make a stop on the freeway?
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Can Police make a stop on the freeway?

I heard that only the "Highway Patrol" can pull you over. But, sometimes I see the Sherriff or the regular Police on the freeway. Since this technically isn't their jurisdiction, can they still pull you over on the freeway?


D. A
I don't know about where you live, but where I live, if the interstate is within the city limits of the city he works in, he can pull you anytime. If not, he has to contact the jurisdiction it's in and ask if he can pull you for speeding, unless you are going over 15 mph over the speed limit, which is considered reckless driving. If you are creating a situation that is or may endanger the lives of other drivers (weaving, driving so slowly it's impeding the normal flow of traffic, seriously tailgating a much smaller car), he can pull you without permission, but he must contact the jurisdiction and tell them that he is pulling you. That's why cops will pass you on the interstate, when you are going 8-10 mph over the limit. Most highway patrolman will not even pull you for going under 10mph under the speed limit. They need to spend their time concentrating on the ones who are more dangerous.

Yes they can... maybe they can give you a ticket too...

I believe that in most states (maybe all) the local police can write tickets within the city limits... or outside if they were in pursuit inside limits.

i dont know

Highway patrol as you call it is all-so called state police in other states and if we go by what you asked no on but highway or state police can pull you over, for anything, but sorry the sheriff has a big jurisdiction in a state, and regular police for a town or city, or sum time county, and if they need to go beyond they're jurisdiction, they get the OK from the next jurisdiction, or get back up from that jurisdiction or should I say assist that other jurisdiction.

In many states, all certified officers can pull you over no matter where you are. As a professional courtesy, many of them will leave writing the ticket to the appropriate agency, but they have the power to do it themselves. If that officer hits the lights and sirens you need to stop, or you may be facing more violations, including fleeing an officer, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, etc

Yes, jurisdiction in those cases are usually handled by pulling you over or "making the stop" then calling the appropriate authorities if necessary. Some places just don't care who catches the bad guys just so long as they are caught.

Of course they can

Crazie f
I think that county cops can pull you over but not city....not sure but is a good question....and i am going to look into this,.........i have a question back......Is it illegal to drive barefoot? I was told my whole life that it is......because if you are in a wreck you have nothing to protect your feet.....and sandals and flipflops are made of ******* military armor or what......then I asked a volunteer police officer and he said it isn't illegal but he was like 110 yrs old.....

any cop can give a ticket or make arrest ANYWHERE. Just try and argue with a cop.....

of course!

If the pursuit started in their jurisdiction they can pull you over anywhere as they didn't loose sight of you.

In California, the city police or county sheriff of whatever city the freeway is passing through can stop you. They USUALLY don't, but they can if they want to.

ALSO, CHP can ticket you on any state hwy, such as Beach Blvd,
which is state hwy 39.

Yes they can. Highway patrol can also pull people over on city streets. Better watch what you are doing out there.

Yes, any police officer can pull you over, and charge you with a crime or traffic violation!!

No they can't - just go as fast as you can and flip them off if they try to pull you over.

Not really.

Any officer can made a stop anywhere. All it has to be is "in the interest of public safety".

The police can shoot you dead for being "the guy they thought you were", whether you're on the freeway or the crapper.

Yes they can.

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