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Can a baby ride in the front seat of a rented moving truck?
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Can a baby ride in the front seat of a rented moving truck?

My husband and I are planning on doing a "do it your self" military move. We want to drive a truck and tow our Honda fit behind. We have a 2 year old (who of course will be in a car seat) and will be traveling about 2600 miles. Do truck companies allow a child in a car seat to ride? We have looked on several companies websites and can't find yay or nay of any of it. So just need to know if its ok to have the kid in the front seat :)


As long as the baby car seat is secured and is assembled correctly inside the truck, I think it's ok. But just to be sure, you should ask the truck rental company first or try to research if there are laws against it.

Rumisha R
I dont think the rental company can tell you they cant. As long as that child is in a car seat, that is all that matters. I would call one and ask.

A two year old should NEVER ride in the front seat of any vehicle ever, even in a car seat.

Glam Mommy
If the front seat is the ONLY seat available and the airbag can be turned off, then yes, it is okay. Other than that, they should be sitting in a rear seat.

You can do this in all states just push the drivers seat as far back as possible as well as turning off the airbag and if the airbag cannot be turned off then just drive safe...

It is not allowed by law, but it depends on companies if they will allow you

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