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Can a person with just only one arm be a allowed to drive
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Can a person with just only one arm be a allowed to drive

idk just wonderin


Lover not a Fighter
Yes of course.

But he / she may be limited to driving an automatic tranny cars only.

Good Luck...

Have you ever seen people crusing the streets with one arm hanging out the window?

Yes. People with many different types of physical handicaps can drive. Many of them need some modifications of their vehicles to make that possible and safe.

i think so and hope so but i think they can only drive automatic cars because shifting is harder for them

Mud Killer
Don't see why not. I knew a guy who was paralyzed that had a truck modified for him.

Lol, i think so

yes! they can, i even saw a man with one arm and a leg who knows to ride motorcycle.

when you loose one you can improved the other....

Cereal Killer
Yeah they can, you can have cars customized to meet different disabilities.

I know of a person that has her arms not fully developed and they are less than a foot long. One is a stump and the other has I think two large fingers. and she drives. She has to sit right up on the wheel but if she can do it with less than one full arm, I would think if the person can pass the driving test than sure.

sure..many people drive with one arm...

but its better with two

Gillian A
Why not? That's like asking if someone with a mental disability can go to school; it's so condescending.

Yes they can and good luck.

I have one arm, yes. I have one arm that missing from the elbow down. And I drive.?

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