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Can i put my baby in a car seat in the front of a van?
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Can i put my baby in a car seat in the front of a van?

i need to go see my mum this weekend, my baby is nearly 7 weeks to save the hassle of getting the train with a change half way dad has offered to take me in his van, it is a Mercedes Vito only 3 front seats, if i put the baby in her car seat rear facing next to me is this legal in england and if so is it safe or should i just get the train? advice please. thank you loads xx


It may only be legal if there are no other legal seats behind the front seats. Check the driver handbook for the region where you live.

All the best.

r doug w
Yes it's legal to have a rear facing child's seat in the front as long as the airbag (if fitted) is deactivated, and if you follow 'madman 17's' thinking you wouldn't leave the house, (which have been known to collapse around you) do what you think is best, sh*t does happen, but with reasonable care can be avoided, Have a nice day...

in au not legal, as member of a rescue crew, have you seen what can happen to child seats when placed in front seats. thats may best answer ok

is it legal to drive with my 2 year old in my van?if its in a carseat?

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