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Can parking tickets affect your driving record?
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Can parking tickets affect your driving record?

On my campus this year, due to a small mishap, i got 3 parking tickets this summer for parking w/o a permit (well 2 were that, one was a misplaced permit because my temp permit fell off my mirror and landed on my dash), which i had, but it was in another car. I got those reduced to $5 misplaced permit)

Anyway, I ended up getting 2 more tickets since the year has started. Anyway, i paid all my tickets, but i am wondering if they will affect my driving record (or worse get me my license suspended). The 2 i got, 1 was for my meter expiring, the other was parking in a no parking zone.

I'm from Minnesota BTW, if that makes any difference.


Friendly Stranger..
No, you will not get points on your license for this. You only have your license suspended for moving traffic violations, or failure to obey traffic laws. Parking tickets only fine you a certain amount. Also there are rules that if you do not pay them on time or at all then the fine will double. Besides, if your license were an issue here, I'm sure you would have received a notice by now stating that your license is suspended since you said you have now reached parking ticket number 5. Its just payment of fines nothing serious other than that.

Parking tickets will not affect your insurance because they are not moving violations. However, if you accumulate a lot of unpaid parking tickets, your car can be impounded.

Vince M
I agree with the "no" answers.

Only moving violations will go against a driving record, and only unpaid tickets will prevent your renewing your license and car registration.


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