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Can regular rock salt (for water softeners) be used to salt an icy driveway?
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Can regular rock salt (for water softeners) be used to salt an icy driveway?

Will it work as well as the salt that is marketed for use on driveways? Is there really much difference between the two kinds (other than the price)?


David W
It worked fine on our drive and sidewalk; just try to keep it away from grass and landscaping, as too much may kill plants and ruin the soil.

I've also read that plain lawn fertilizer works, too, but it would be more expensive.

yes, it works the same.

the lock man
salt is salt

All salt does is lower the freezing point of water. Rock salt sold for melting ice is Calcium chloride and is usually green, it lowers the freezing point of water to somewhere near or below 0 F. Rock salt for water softeners as edible salt, sodium chloride, it will lower the freezing point of water into the low teens. i am not 100% sure of the temp figures but they should be close.

It should work the same. I've even used table salt on the front steps when we had an unexpected ice storm and no driveway salt.

George A
Any form of Sodium Chloride (salt) will melt ice as long as the temperature's above freezing.

Turtle 6
Yes, there's some differences; but water softener salt will work! And if you crush it into small pieces or even a powder? Boy does it work! I did the powder thing on 11 sidewalks during a recent ice storm here in Illinois -- those were the only ones that stayed clear.

salt is salt. sure, although they claim that some salts work in lower temperatures than others. It should work though.

yes it will work fine but will eat the side walk if you use to much

Yes but remember that this will go into the city drainage and for that the fines are very high plus you will also kill your lawn for next year..

Dave Hughes
I mistakenly put road salt in my water softener, but ws able to get the majority of it out when I realized my mistake. Will the road salt I didn't get out harm my water softener? Thanks.

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