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Can you get fired for not going to work due to snow/freezing rain conditons?
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Can you get fired for not going to work due to snow/freezing rain conditons?

We have had snow and freezing rain the last few days and I haven't been able to get into work. My boss is pressuring me about coming in but the roads are too slick
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i live 50 miles away


ask him to come pick you up! that might change his mind
it also depends what type of job you have
can you telecomute n user your computer at home to access your comuter at work?
(ie if you are a police officer then you should go to work)

SoCal Dude
As the previous answer said, it can depend on your job.

Also, if your area is under a snow emergency or other weather emergency, all non-emergency travel may be prohibited. If you cannot legally be on the roads, I don't think you should be in trouble for not coming into work.

If your decision not to go to work is strictly voluntary (in other words, not because of an "emergency" declared by the local authorities), then you may have to use a vacation day or take the day as unpaid.

Scott H
It is your responsibility to get yourself to work. Maybe you should either move closer to your employer or find a job that isn't 50 miles away?

absolutely -invest in a more dependable vehicle or find a job closer. your boss has a business to run. check your HR rules for specifics.

Yes you can

It also depends on your attendance otherwise, Do you call in a lot? It is bad when the road are bad, and you have to work but it's a way of life we all have to deal with. Unless you don't feel comfortable driving in it see if a co worker lives near you that you can drive with.

Dan W
You should call the traffic department for driving conditions, main streets are often passable when neighborhood roads are iced.

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