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Can you over inflate your tires a little bit and still be okay?
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Can you over inflate your tires a little bit and still be okay?

Hi there. I know the recommended psi (when cold) of my car is 30. When I go to put air into the tires, I usually top it past 30 (to 33 or so), and then slowly bring the pressure back down closer to 30.

Question is, is it okay to leave the tire pressure a little above 30, (ie. at 31?) Often with my luck when I try to bring down the air pressure I will end up letting too much air out, going under 30 and I will have to fill the tire up with air again. Plus, the closest gas station is 2 min away, so I know my tires won't be absolutely cold when I get there.

So it is okay to leave the psi at 31 without damaging the car with the usual damages associated with over inflation (uneven wear and tear, damages to your shocks, etc)?


Crazy Larry
One of my cars is a smaller car. Door post placard recommends 32 PSI (cold) all round. But I commonly carry myself and three passengers in this car so I run the tires at 34-35 PSI all round, summer and winter. My tires are 2 years old and show no significant signs of uneven wear. The speed limit here is 70 MPH and we drive at an average of 75 MPH.

Remember; the door placard label only gives a recommended tire pressure. You as the driver can adjust that to suit your driving style and the loads that you carry in the vehicle. My personal recommendation is that you don't go lower or higher by more than 10% either way.

I think what you are doing will be just fine.

Eric F
won't hurt anything at all.
Just don't inflate tires past the max pressure that's stamped on the sidewall of the tire.

Adam D
A little shouldn't hurt. My dad always told me that the recommended level isn't enough, since the tires will wear faster when their underinflated so that you have to buy them more often.

A couple PSI over may not hurt other than the usual damaged mentioned. Keep in mind, tires are designed for a specific pressure for reasons besides traction - highway speeds. Your tires expand from centrifugal force and heat - you don't want them overinflated for that.

no way sweetie, with the temperature changes it changes the inflation level of your tires over inflating your tires could kill you - your tire could blow while you're driving down the road and SPLAT you're now one with the sidewalk

If you inflate at 1 psi over the recommended, you get better gas mileage.

It is perfectly fine. Tires do expand and contract with temperatures. Thats why it is recommended that you add more air when carrying heavier load onto the vehicle. In your case 31PSI would be no harm.

doesn't really make a big difference. as long as you don't go under 28 psi, and over 32 psi. if your at 33-35, its not going to make a big difference, but you should bring it back down to 30-32.

your fine

btw, over inflation increases tires to wear faster in the middle than on the sides. under inflation increases tires to wear faster on the sides than in the middle. just thought i'd share it.

riding with over-flatted tires will cause ring wear in the center of the tire. it can also make the steering a little sluggish. one pound wont cause a great deal of trouble. but if it stays above 30 for a while you will have to change the tires sooner. the pressure wont let out a pound a second anyways. just when you go to gas station fill the tire to 30. if you go over then release the pressure back to 30

yes your tires have a certain recommended psi that they should be kept at. if you overinflate your tires by a few psi, it will not do any damage to your tires. if you are carrying alot of extra weight in your car, it is probably a good idea to overinflate them about 2-5 psi.but inflating them to like 60psi when they are made for 30 is a good way to have a blowout, causing someone to get hurt or killed. if you underinflate them then you will have slightly worse mileage on your car and it will be harder to drive and steer. 32 is about the best PSI to keep regular tires at.

its perfectly fine, overinflation will also give you slightly better gas mileage, though it will be harder to control (slightly) but 31psi for a 30psi is not considered overinflation so don't worry. don't worry about uneven tread wear with 31 psi you're fine.

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