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Car parking outside my house?
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Car parking outside my house?

i am fed up of persons from the next street which is on an incline, parking infront of my house as our road is flat, i am registered disabled and have a sign on my gate asking to be left clear, The house concerned is now full of students with everybody having a car. the front of my house is big enough to park 2 cars mine and my wifes, but i am unable to park, cos of this car, i am thinking of removing my front garden to open as a double drive, so we can park, But they say they are entitled to park here even after completed work, surely not, i pay rates according to the size of my premises, surely the area outside is mine, by the way they have a drive big enough for 2 cars, and an area outside, which as i speak is empty. but the car is outside my house


It is as stated above a public road but if you are managed by a (HOA) Homeowners Association, they can look into this for you and most do not allow other cars to park in front of your home for an extended amount of time but at the same time they can.

You don't have a right to park outside your house, it's a public highway. However, as you are disabled you can apply for a disabled bay - contact your local council

If the car is taxed, and is not blocking an approved entrance with dropped kerbs (either long established, or with planning permission), then it is entitled to park on any street with no parking restrictions.

The only ways you can prevent others from parking outside your house are to:
Get the local authority to provide you with a market disabled parking bay (which you will be entitled to use, but your wife will not)
Get planning permission for, and create, a driveway with a dropped kerb, making it a vehicular entrance which cannot be blocked.

If you get permissiona nd the council change your opening to a double drive way, then they will be breaking the law if they block it.

If you ond;t, they are as entitled to park there as anybody else even though its outside your house.

if you turn your front garden in to a driveway you will need to get a drop kerb put in by the council or people can still park

Michael H
If you get permission from the council to drop the curb, no-one will be entitled to park in front of your dropped curb. Its obstruction.

Until then you have no cause for legal objection.

Some councils ( ours definately ) will put disabled signs on the actual road for registered disabled people - we have a space in our village just for that purpose. Its a bit ugly though - big car-sized rectangle with a 4 foot high wheelchair symbol in it. But if it solves the problem, fair enough.

try the council about road markings.

If you apply for a dropped curb, don't mention the current parking problems because your proposal will be reducing the number of road spaces and making matters worse for everyone else. Highways may object on those grounds if they find out the real reason for your applciation.

It'll cost you about £150 to apply.

best of luck with it.

sounds like they are scum bags

They are legally allowed to park there. However you may be able to get a handicapped spot in front of your house. Not sure who to contact, but I would start with the police department and they would be able to tell you who to contact. I have seen numerous spots like this outside residences

The Oracle
You don't own the road outside your house. Drivers pay road tax, so unless it's a No Parking Zone, they can park there.

The best way to move them is to freak them out, by telling them that you write down everything about them and enjoy watching them.

I have seen signs that say RESIDENT PARKING ONLY wonder if that would help ? otherwise it's a public street . Oh you say disabled , how about getting a handicap only parking sign ?

Dennis - 1
I would like to make one point. If you decide to go to your local council to ask for a disable bay to be placed outside of your property this bay will not be exclusively yours it will be available for anybody who has a valid disabled parking badge. If the bay was installed and you were to find a car without a badge parked in the bay you would be within your rights to report the matter to the authorities.

That isnt fair but the street is public. The culprit to me is the owner of the house full of students. Is it rented to them? There is really nothing you can do legally since no one owns the street and it is first come first served. Although I am not disabled, I have a similar problem in our neighborhood with a 2 driver family with 5 cars. I hate to say it but your very best bet is to play on their sympathy. Bring a cake over ( students are always hungry, no? ) explain your disability problem and ask if when they ever think of it, they could possibly help leave the place open. The key would be getting the message to all of them of course since many would try and then one visitor might not know about it. Sorry thats the best I could come up with.

The Tank
If you have an obvious entrance to your drive, with a dropped curb, then you have a legal right of access and egress.
This means that anyone obstructing your drive will be committing an Offence and you are entitled to report them to the police for Obstruction.
It may be quicker to call your council an ask them to tow away the offending vehicle because that's what the police will do.

Note that you can't 'book' someone for temporarily stopping outside your house if they're able to move the car when you ask them to. Also, if you don't actually require access or egress then you can't get them moved just for "being there".

A couple of points -

Firstly, if it's a public road, it's a right of way - that means people have a right to pass along it, and nothing else. And even then, only on foot. No-one has a right to use or park a motor vehicle anywhere on a road (if they did, they wouldn't need a licence). Even outside their own house. So, saying they're entitled to park there is completely false. But they're not commiting a crime - it's tresspass, which is a civil offence.

Secondly, no, the area outside is not yours (if you mean the road), it belongs to the owner of the land over which the road runs. (Of course, that *might* be you, but I doubt it.)

Why not ask your council to give you a disabled space? Then it'd be enforceable.

You are totally wrong mate and it is people like you who cause more problems for neighbours than anyone. Just check your deeds for your house and you will not find any part of the highway incorporated in your deeds. The road outside is a public highway and is free to everyone. You dont own any of it. As long as your neighbours car is taxed and insured it has every right to be there. If you are disabled you can apply to the council for a disabled parking space and then that would be yours and you can tell your neighbour to move. I once had problems with a person like you who didnt even own a car. She phoned the police to come and get me to move two of my cars from outside her house. A copper asked me if they were my cars to which I replied yes they are and they are both legall and when he asked me if I would move them I kindly told him to piss off. He said I will go and check on this, I replied go ahead if you want to make a prat of yourself that up to you.

If you are classed as disabled the local authority have an obligation to paint a parking bay with Disabled Only in it, then if a mindless nerd parks in it you can call the police and they will have it removed.

However unless your wife is disabled too they only park in her slot, have you tried talking to the students? if not and you do they may be understanding?

Homeowners understandably feel possessive of the curb space in front of their home. Most residential streets where I live allow on-street parking along the curb unless signs prohibit it. The entire road is located in public street right-of-way and paid for with public funds, so anyone can park there. Some places have resident parking, but that is usually where customers of nearby businesses, schools, etc. spill over into neighborhoods and take up virtually all of the curb space so that residents can't park. Such zones allow affected residents to get a permit to park somewhere within the zone, so if the zone were longer than the curb in front of you, others with permits could park in front of you. In order to have a handicapped space and comply with laws for handicapped individuals, some areas would require construction to create a circulation aisle around a vehicle parked on the curb. If you can't appeal to the simpathy of the people parking there, your best solution may be to get the necessary permits and build a driveway, because it is illegal to park on the street obstructing a driveway.

Kevan M
If you go to the Highways agency and show them you are disabelled and need the area clear, they can paint a disabelled box outside your property. Not sure how much it will cost.
As for the other cars unless they are blocking a driveway, have a current in date road tax, or it is a private road, there is nothing you can do.

I do feel for you but, as others have said, unless you get the council to drop the kerb when you create your driveway, then there is nothing you can do.

I came home once to find some cheeky berk parked on my drive!!! The police were very good, telling them to shift.

I know it doesn't apply in your case, but I wish there was something that could be done to compel people who have driveways and garages to use them. We all love our cars so much and are not prepared to give them up so the country is turning into one big car park.

legally any vehicle stationary on a highway is causing an unnecessary obstruction. the law is niot enforced due to the vast amount of cars that are owned by people with with no private parking. if you have a private drive way any one who blocks your access is cuasing an obstruction that the police or traffic wardens or 'community officers' can deal with. the method of dealing with this varies from force to force, so check with local police station to discover what they do. it is also possible to hire a 'removal vehicle' from a garage and have the offending vehicle physically removed with the cost of the removal being paid by the offending driver. normally you have to pay up front and take the other driver to the small claims court to recover your costs. go for the driveway and then take it from there

Put a a request in to the council about getting a double disabled bay outside your property this will take a while and cost around £ 100 depending on the council, another way you can go is make a dairy of times and dates when this is happening and give it to your local police who could have a polite word with them and if they persist they could get a an ASBO, for unreasonable behaviour.
I would tyr the first option, and as long no one in your street objects to you having the disabled space then it will get the go ahead in about six weeks, if not i would jack the cars up and move them to the middle of the road then call the police stating the road is blocked, seen it done totally baffled the offenders but stopped them, it was like something out of candid camera, but as this illegal i would not advise this, (MUCH ! ).

Unbelievable!! So not only do you want the area in front of your house to park 2 cars you also want the road in front of it to be left clear to allow you to do this! you do only actually own your land not the land in front of it, so anyone can park there. If you open up your front garden they will still be able to park there, as the only restriction is parking in front of a dropped kerb. Sorry to scupper your plans.

You do not legally own the road outside of your house, however if you are registered disabled you may be entitled to a disabled bay outside your house, contact your council for assistance

We have problems with car blocking access to our driveway (vehicle access). They often park up late at night and disappear. Our close is one car wide with a narrow pavement and typically what they do is park on the pavement 5-6 foot from the entrance to our gate. It is absolutely impossible to reverse out of the driveway with a car any where near the gate. The only way to get out of our drive way would be to reverse straight into the car a few times and scraping mine against a concrete wall. Having a driveway doesn't stop stupid people and bad drivers parking badly unfortunately!

john jones
i rent my property, the housing association have sent a letter telling us that the five parking bays are for us to park. the only trouble is that all the cars from another road park in bays so we can park ouytside our property in which we pay for. i have tried to be nice and the cheek they have one said first come first parking.

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