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Do I need to stop for a bus flashing yellow lights?
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Do I need to stop for a bus flashing yellow lights?

I know the red lights with the stop sign mean I absolutely have to stop but was I okay to pass the bus with flashing yellow lights? I was in the middle of a sharp turn out on the country roads and I was already going slow, but right in the middle of my turn he turned on the yellow lights, he was going the opposite direction. I stopped because I thought the stop sign was about to come out and he was just staring at me and no stop sign came out so I figured he was going to let me go so I drove by with caution and right when I passed the back of the bus he laid on his horn then turned on the flashing lights and the stop sign came out. Is it okay that I passed the bus? I live in Ohio if it makes any difference.


According to the Motor Vehicle Laws, no. I too live in Ohio.

"When a school bus driver is preparing to stop the bus, he or she activates four amber lights - two on the front and two on the rear of the bus. These lights continue to flash until the bus is fully stopped. Other vehicles are not required to stop during this preliminary stage of the eight-light warning but should prepare to stop as soon as the bus comes to a full stop. When the bus comes to a complete stop, the amber lights stop flashing and four red lights - two in the front and two in the back - start flashing while the children enter or leave the bus. In addition, a stop arm with flashing red lights is automatically extended beneath the window on the left side of the bus."

It clearly states that when the bus comes to a complete stop, the amber lights stop flashing and the red lights start. Since you only saw the amber lights flashing, the bus was not at a full stop, so it was legal to pass since you WEREN'T required to stop. The bus driver was probably having a bad day dealing with obnoxious kids, you did nothing wrong.
If you get a citation in the mail, take it to court and fight it because you were in the right.

Firecracker .
It should be ok.
In my state, the drivers are required to use the amber flashers to warn that they are coming up to a bus stop. The red lights and sign are not supposed to come out until the bus is already fully stopped.

Rice Addict
No you dont have to stop when the yellow lights come on. They only mean to slow down and be aware that the bus might stop soon. So if you see yellow lights you should just slow down and be aware. Im a 6th grader and i always take the bus to school and home. I usually have nobody to talk to so i talked to the bus driver and she told me lots of things about the bus including the lights and what they mean. So I now know a lot abput buses and the lights and stuff. Hope this helped you.

In WA you have to stop when the school bus is flashing its amber lights. Not sure about other state.

Muffett :
The lines provide us with a visual space in which we kep our car in between. I find that I feel the same way on an unlined roadway. Feels even worse on the back of a motorcycle. The lines define the space between two vehicles and the shoulder.

Ohio Laws and Rules....

4511.75 Stopping for stopped school bus.


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