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Do people really get all 50 hours of driving in?
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Do people really get all 50 hours of driving in?

im currently a temp holder in ohio and all i hear is that most kids dont get all 50 hours. some get close others not as much. i am about a month away from the 6 month period ending and im no where close to 50. i never am able to get driving in for more that 20 minutes or so and its so much gas used when driving longer than that to practice. so my questions are, do many people skip out on getting the entire 50? do they tend to have higher crash rate, and can the government figure out whether you really got 50 hours? also do you need to show a log of the hours? sorry for all the ?s this is got me worried.


Vince M
There's no way to really tell. But, the more time spent behind he wheel, the better driver one will be. It's a good chance that those that fail their driving test did NOT get enough practice, whether or not they got their fifty hours, so, this could be considered a, kind of, self correcting feature.

Someone, either, "gets it" by the time they take their test, or they don't.

Well... I don't live in the US so I don't really but know in Australia, we have to do 120 hours but I only did around 48 hours but I'm still fine

I hope so or its gonna cost you in the long run cause your going to be less expirenced and are gonna crash and your insurance is gonna go way up. I probably got 400 hrs of driving time in 8 months and I really think that helped cause I never had a ticket or been in a crash and its helped me with alot of situations on the road like a car turning in front of you or driving in snow. They cannot figure out if you have the 50 hrs in they TRUST your parents word for it, you dont need a log but like I said your parents have to say you have all the hrs in.

When I got my learners permit in Australia there was a one year limit before you had to pass your test, or you had to re-apply for the permit.

I already had hundreds of hours driving an old ute on my parents property, but even so, I had about 50 hours of lessons completed before I took my test. I passed first go, and the instructor told me he hadn't seen someone with car-handling skills like me for years.

The year after I got my license, the government introduced a new rule where learners had to fill a logbook with 25 hours of driving practice on their learners permit before they take the practical driving test.

All your parents have to do is sign an affidavit that you have clocked 50 hours. Probably most kids have not gotten that many hours. Yes, there probably is a higher crash rate because practice and experience work together in learning to drive. I signed for my kids, they did not log an actual 50 hours, but I also limited where they could drive to the first year they had their actual license. They could only drive in our town and not with a car full of other kids. Only l out of 4 had accidents and they weren't at fault.

The smart one do but most of them do not and all that is needed is a signed affidavit by your parents stating that you've completed the 50-hour practice requirement.

Minimum requirements:

24 hours of classroom education
8 hours of driving time with a certified instructor
50 hours of general driving time with a licensed adult, with at least 10 hours of nighttime driving

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