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Do people still kill themselves using their car exhaust? ?
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Do people still kill themselves using their car exhaust? ?

i always thought after catalytic converters were introduced, this became impossible ?i read somewhere that cat converters get rid of nearly 99% of the CO in car exhaust. (just had one of those pointless arguments with a friend about people dying from CO poisoning from car exhaust, that it's near impossible unless the person actually leads a hose from the exhaust, and even then it might be 50/50)
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this is to river walker,
this question was pretty much asked from a TECHNICAL curiosity about cars, nothing suicidal in nature. sorry to hear that you had CO poisoning, and didn't mean to make light of your plight. but seriously though, after catalytic converters were introduced, i know that there should be less than 1% CO in the car's exhaust, just wanted some internet corroboration to show friend, thats ALL
i like my life too much to ask 'loaded' questions : )


Karen christie
My daughter killself last year in her car she had the car running for 2hours before they found her they did a track of her phone but could not find her at the time dont know why it toke so long she did it at 830 they found her at 10.45 she had put it on face book wished shed rang me as l never used facebook so you see it does happen

River Walker
Davis S.
This is a loaded question for anyone to ask on the internet. How does anyone, who would answerer your question supposed to know if you considering suicide or not?
I know the answerer, but are reluctant to say!
I HAVE HAD CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING, before, It Ain't No Good Thing!!! Mine wasn't from suicide tho, My was a boating thing.
If you want to hear more from me reply and I will respond appropriately.
Good Luck, River Walker

Masonic Knight
We had a guy kill himself with a gas powered weedeater in his closet....They can always find a way.

John B
yes it happed here not long ago but the man took his kids with him

with modern cars you likely wouldn't die of co poisoning more like lack of oxygen, old cars would kill you

Friendly Stranger..
Actually people still kill themselves this way. Its not as common as it used to be but it still happens. Basically the way it works now is that a person can still use a hose to lead the exhaust into the vehicle, or the less conventional way which is to let your car run in the garage with the windows down. Its not that hard to do it because if you have enough open places in your car and no where for the gas to escape then you can kill yourself in those ways. New technology hasn't stopped this because the exhaust comes out of the tail pipe.

It's still POSSIBLE but much, much more difficult to do with today's modern cars. They usually run out of gas long before enough Co2 is built up to kill a human in a garage. Usually just results in brain damage -- so for heaven's sake, jump off a bridge or something.

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