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Do you stop before a stop sign or do you pass it a little to look for oncoming traffic?
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Do you stop before a stop sign or do you pass it a little to look for oncoming traffic?

I live in a neighborhood full of trees and shrubery so when i pull up to a stop sign i pull ahead of it a little to see the traffic... Ik that you are supposed to come to a complete stop behind the stop sign and inch forward to scan for oncoming traffic but that seems like it would confuse the drivers behind me... what do you do?
Additional Details
I always stop behind a solid line if there is one but in my town there are no lines in front of the smaller stops ok!


The law says to stop fully and completely before the stop sign (at the solid white line) and then inch up to see whether traffic is coming and/or it is safe to pull out.

I always stop and then inch forward. I have to do this everytime I leave my parents' house. It's better to be safe rather than sorry.

Although "it would confuse the drivers behind (you)," it is better to do that than to pull out just far enough for someone else to hit you. You never can be too safe!

You do STOP (COMPLETELY STOP) at the LINE (not the SIGN). The STOP line is Solid (continuos line, not broken, on your side of the road). If there isn't a line, you STOP inline with the KERB LINE ( so your car does not pertrude into the flow of traffic).
If something is blocking your view, and you can't see , you still STOP at the line FIRST, and then you may move up slowly past the line, while you look, only proceed if it is safe to do so.

Chuck T
Always completely stop before the sign and then slowly creep up to look for oncoming traffic...

Good job in being a safe driver. Be a defensive driver, instead of a sorry driver. Stop at the stop sign, and slowly roll forward(covering your brake pedal). So in a chance someone speeding you have enough time to stop the car.

I always stop at the stop sign(stop line if present on the road), if there are obstacles, cover my brakes and roll forward slowly and make sure I can see road on both directions. If no vehicles approaching I proceed to cross.

What you are doing is a safe procedure. Keep it up.

You stop behind and pull up slowly, and yes, it does confuse the people behind you but that's the law.

By law you are supposed to come to a COMPLETE stop right before the line for a good 3 seconds. If there is something that is blocking your view, then pull out again after you have already stopped, until you can see that the coast is clear.

I've gotten a ticket twice for stopping past the line so I could see if there was any oncoming traffic. (Also not coming to a complete stop. Your wheels must not be rolling at all.)

The Mr. Pine
Technically you must stop first and creep forward to look for cars. With a yield sign you can proceed to roll forward.

I stop before it and then inch forward to make sure it is clear if you do not stop before the sign you are legaley in the intersection and if someone hits you it is your fault

Everybody will tell you what the law is. Only 1 in 10 will actually do it. Everybody else will pull up far enough to see clearly and stop. Some of them don't even come to a complete stop. If your looking for the law, stop at the white line ,before the sign. If your asking what people actually do, stop where you can see clearly.

JT B ford man
Remember this you are your own driver, You do what is wright and don't worry about the guy behind you if he bumps you make a p/report out and I an sure you will be OK. hope this helps.

You are actually supposed to stop at the sidewalk line or other marked stop lines here, but I basically do just like you do.

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