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Does anyone know the proper way to hold the steering wheel for a New York State road test?
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Does anyone know the proper way to hold the steering wheel for a New York State road test?

I have to take this test on Friday, I drive good but how should I hold my hands on the wheel, also when I turn left or right for the test should it be hand over hand or anyway


9 & 3, or 3-5/7-9. Keep your thumbs out of the inside of the steering wheel, and keep both hands on the wheel at all times when driving.

The reason why is AIRBAGS.

As for turning, a lot of people like the hand over hand (I do) but some eaminers like the push/pull. Practice both and ask the examiner what he prefers.

Hands 10 and 2, hand over hand or you will fail read your drivers hand book.

both hans on the wheel at ten and two.

my aunt failed because she used just one hand

sorry I didn't know they changed it

P. M
Imagine the wheel is a clock face. Put your hands on the 10 and 2 o'clock positions.

Hand over hand when turning.

Me again
Now days they say 9 and 3, because of airbags. If you put your hands at 10 and 2, when the airbag deploys because you rammed the car ahead of you because you were looking at your face in the rear view mirror it will throw your arms up and into your face. But you should be safe with 10 and 2. Hand over hand when turning. The testers want to see both hands on the wheel whenever possible, except when shifting if your test is in a manual transmission car. But listen. As soon as you pass your driving test and that anal-retentive tester isn't with you, there are a lot more options. My favorite is my right thumb and forefinger at 5 o'clock with my right hand resting on my thigh. Other times it's my right wrist at 12 o'clock with my left hand on the left door mirror. You're going to be driving a lot. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed. Always keep your left hand available for obscene gestures and honking your horn, as well as for rolling down the window to yell at people and rolling it up and locking the doors quick when they come after you.

10 o clock for left hand 2o clock for right . do not hook thumbs behind wheel [in a accedent air bags can break thumbs, newer less stupidly designed cars are starting to take this into consideration] . hand over hand is acceptable but shipping hands is faster if you are coordinated / practiced enough. always wear you seat belt and good luck.

sure do it ;s a5 oclock postion

When I took the test (13 years ago, wow I'm getting old) it was 10-o'clock and 2-o'clock. However, if you are a good driver as you say, it shouldn't really matter that much. Just hold the wheel however it feels natural to you. The grader is looking for more important things anyway.

it used to be 10 & 2 but now it is 11 & 3

around the nine and three position should be just fine if you use hand over hand i would slap you hand over hand is not a very safe driving habit to get into shuffle sterring is what is recommended but dont get to nervous and be comfortable when driving

St N
Hands at 10 and 2. If this is for a CDL then use hand over hand if you feel comfortable with it. For a car licence, I would suggest not crossing your arms over each other. Arrive early and try to corner an in-car instructor who has students taking the test. They will probably give you an answer for free.

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