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Does hot weather affect tire air pressure?
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Does hot weather affect tire air pressure?

It has been about 110 degrees F where I live...as I was driving the freeway yesterday, my "air pressure" warning light went on. I just had my car serviced a week ago, where they checked the pressure and rotated the tires. Could the heat have affected the air pressure?


Yes, check your pressure when the tires are cool, never hot. A month ago your car was not probably not experiencing the heat it is now so the pressure has altered. As you were driving on the hot road, the pressure increased. The computer on your vehicle is letting you know that the pressure is high. Once again, get a good tire pressure gauge and check it when it is cool in the shade and parked for at least 2 hours.

heat cause air to expand, more heat more air pressure in tires.

yes it does call your service station and they can advise you

too frisky
Yes. The heat in the weather and the heat from road friction both will heat the air inside the tire causing it to expand which raises the tire pressure. You need to be very carefull not to fully inflate tires under such conditions because the resulting overinflation can bust the tires....I know I did it once and got three flat tires within minutes. I had fully inflated the tires and by the time I drove twenty-five miles and the temperature outside was HOT! then the air expanded and about ten minutes after I stopped the tires all busted with loud bangs like a gunshot. It was scary and then embarrassing and then expensive.

If you haven't busted the tires yet you might let out some of the air just a little so there will be room to expand..at least until the temperatures get down lower.

mark o
yes, only slightly, but enough to set off the pressure sensors. As we all know, air expands when heated. because it is confined by the tire and rim, it has no where to expand to so it swells within the confines of the environment and the pressure increases.

Johnny Speed
Yes, heat affects tires, and they may have given you too much air pressure when they rotated them. Find out what the proper pressure is supposed to be and try to keep them at that level.

normally on cars equipped with a tpms (tire pressure monitoring system) the computer will illuminate the light if tire pressure drops or one tire gets out of range of the other tires you should let your car sit over nite and then check the tire pressure in the morning when they have had a chance to cool check your owners manual to see what you recommended inflation should be and set it cold the heat will usaully only raise tire pressure up five degrees or so depending on how hot it is and how much driving you are doing if this doesnt shut off your light then you should see if there may be a problem in the tpms i doubt it but there is a slight chance


Mark T
yes i believe the pressure increases by 1 psi for every ten degrees Fahrenheit

no it does not but tirers lose air over time

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