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Flow of traffic vs. speed limit?
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Flow of traffic vs. speed limit?

if the flow of traffic is above the speed limit arent you suppossed to follow the speed limit???
&& if you know a sight that states that pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeees i really want to prove my boyfriend wrong lol


Vince M
The LAW in EVERY state says the speed limit is, just that; the speed limit.

And, you CAN get pulled over and cited, even if you are moving at the same speed as everyone else. In fact, you don't even have to be the fastest car in the bunch to be singled out for a ticket. Many cops won't do this, unless the flow is moving dangerously fast. Then a cop will make his presence known and pull someone over for sure. But, the arguments that "everyone was over the limit," of "other cars were moving faster" will NOT get you out of a ticket, either by the officer or in court. If you WERE over the limit, you earned the ticket and no excuse is acceptable.

These are the facts and no one can tell you different. Most states have their vehicle codes posted online, so a quick search should locate the ones in your state.

IF all the traffic around you wants to go faster, YOUR responisbility is to pull into the slow lane and let everyone pass you. That, too, is the LAW.

Russ B
You always have to follow the speed limit. Just because the rest of traffic is going 70 in a 55 zone, doesn't mean a cop is not going to pull anybody over. And if you are the lucky one, the "Everybody was going 70 so i was going 70 too" excuse isn't going to fly.

You are correct. Flow of traffic never makes it okay for you to speed. The police may look the other way, but they never have to. To be legal, do not speed. Your BF is wrong on this one.

Cable T
I prefer to run with the flow of traffic but here's the trick. Run just a little bit slower and you won't be in the way as much and the cops won't pull you over for going over the speed limit if other traffic is moving faster than you are.

I prefer to go with or close to the speed of traffic. It is usually safer that way then going the speed limit. If you prefer to go the speed limit, stay in the right lane and be prepared to see some middle figures, flashing headlights, and beeping horns at you. And on a side note, 10 miles over the speed limit is not likely to result in a ticket. Depending on the speed of traffic, if the traffic is flowing at 15 over, then any speeds around 20 over are the drivers cops target, basically anybody moving faster then the flow of traffic. And if you're not in the far right lane, if you're in the middle and especially far left lane going the speed limit, you might get a ticket for holding up traffic or failure to keep right, as the signs "Slower Traffic Keep Right" mean, which as nothing to do with the speed limit. A lot of people misinterpret those signs thinking as long you're going the speed limit, you don't have to be in the right lane. That's wrong. The sign means if you're moving slower than other traffic (even if you're going the speed limit), you should stay in the right lane (unless passing), and allow faster traffic to pass.

If you try to do the speed limit when the flow is greater, you will cause an accident. It may be wrong, but you really don't have much of a choice.

I am pleasantly amazed of the maturity of everyone answering this question! I live in Knoxville, and I've only seen literally a HANDFUL of people who actually go the speed limit. However, there IS a reason for this:

If you go the speed limit on, say, the interstate, you're never going to witness another do-gooder/law abider because you're both going the same speed. So if you're going the speed limit and someone gets onto the highway you're on via an entrance ramp or whatever 5 miles ahead, you'll never run into them. However, you will witness a lot of morons along your journey who are either going well-below the speed limit or highly above it.

If you go above the speed limit/go with the flow of traffic, even if everyone else around you is going with the flow of traffic, then you are extremely likely to cause or be a part of a wreck. If you go the speed limit and find yourself nervous because people are switching lanes at the last second without using their blinker and etc., don't worry, you're the one going the constant, consistent speed, and not all speeders are complete idiots. They'll evaluate you and the cars around you, see you're going much slower but at a consistent rate, pass you uncomfortably fast, and move on. It's not right, but it's the safest thing you can do is to go the speed limit regardless of what everyone else is going.

I was taught in driver's ed (in 1978) that I should follow the flow of traffic even if it was above the speed limit but to follow the speed limit when the traffic was at a level where they could pass me safely although the article below says it is illegal to exceed the speed limit at any time:


fight amongst yourselves as to which is correct

ja man
You should follow the speed limit but they won't pull you over if you are going with the flow of traffic

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