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Handicap parking sign height?
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Handicap parking sign height?

I'm lookings to install a handicap parking sign in the state of Florida and I was wondering if anyone knew the height the sign should be from the ground.


I'm no city official, but per this website it needs to be 84 inches above the ground. Check this PDF out. It is a small article, but has a lot of info in it you probably need to know. Hope it helps!

Fred C
YOU are installing a sign? Where are you planning on putting it? Do you own a new store or restaurant with parking, and are designating the spots? I kind of makes a difference, plus there may be a municipal bylaw on the placement, so it might help to know what city as well.
The standard for Florida is, however, 84", which is pretty stupid because it puts it way above the sight lines of a car driver pulling in. Most cities have them 48" to 60" off the ground, meaning drivers are actually looking at them when they pull in.

measure a couple others around you<<

The rules are the same for all states concerning this application..

The bottom of the sign should be about 7' from the ground.

..l._ (-_^) _.l..
It doesnt really matter, but the best height for a handycap parking sign would probley be your mom.

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