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How are you supposed to turn off cruise control?
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How are you supposed to turn off cruise control?

I am from the UK but was recently in USA and was driving Jeep Grand Cherokee. I tried using the cruise control but the only way I could find to turn it off was tapping the breaks. (I did not want to break, but just slow down for something).

Surely this is very annoying to the people behind, especially if they're in a smaller car and cannot see past you?


Roger N
If you look (sometimes hard to notice), there's a "on/off" written on the switch. Push (if not a slide switch) once for on, and again for off. There should be a dash light to indicate when it's on. If you wish to just slow down, you push and hold the "coast" button. You will then slow down and when you release, that will be your new cruising speed.

Look near the cruise control on/off switch.

I don't know about the Grand Cherokee, specifically, but usually with cruise control, controls are included on the steering wheel or on a control stalk on the steering wheel column. There will be a "Cancel" button or something similar which can be used to disable the cruise mode.

Captain Ron
On my Jeep Liberty, you just hit the cruise control on/off button again (or hitting the breaks turns it off as well). Check the owner's manual in the glove compartment for more detailed info.

Hope this helps!

The on / off button is located on the dash. It's the only other way unless you hold the decell button, but when you let off the decell button it would maintain the current speed.

Touching the accelerator or brakes works, some cars also have an on off switch for the cruise, or you can use the coast feature to momentarily slow down. Really depends on the car, it only takes the lighest of taps to kick it off and many people just do that, by the time someone behind you would react to hit their brakes your lights would be out and they'd realize you were just slowing up a hair.

you should be able to hit the cancel button that should diingauge criuse control or just simplely tap brake padal easy you dont have to apply brakes just tap them

Amanda F
there is a on and off button on cruise controls or hit the button that say decelerate/rsume. And if you don't know how to use cruise control then maybe you shouldn't be using it.

Look on your steering wheel where the cruise is, and there should be something like cruise on/off (set) and there is usually a Coast button, if you do not want to turn off cruise all together you can press the Coast button and it should start slowing you down, but if you do not have a coast button just turn the cruise off.

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