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How big does a crack in the front window of a car have to be to make it unsafe for you to drive?
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How big does a crack in the front window of a car have to be to make it unsafe for you to drive?

I have a crack in my car window.
Bottom left hand corner.
Less than a foot long.
Additional Details
Its a crack on the windshield less than a foot long. I wanted to know do all insurance companies cover this? and which ones do cover it? Could you take a Driving test with a car with a cracked windshield ?


Get it fixed ASAP. Most insurances cover this..

The structural integrity of the window has been compromised, thus making it easier for a foreign object to penetrate it.

Modern contruction makes a windscreen an integral support for a car, and cracks should not be tolerated particularly if the are near a support pillar.

At a foot long. the crack is too large to be safe.

There is also a probabilty that another comparitvely small knock could put the screen right out.

Most areas will not allow a drivers test to be taken in a car which is considered by the examiner to be unsafe

Justin H
It depends on whether the crack is considered to obstruct the drivers view. If an officer and/or the court were to rule that it obstructed the driver's view, then any crack could be considered unsafe and result in a fix-it ticket. But if it just runs low along the passenger side then it might not be a problem.

Your best bet is to get it fixed as soon as you can.

With regard to the insurance, most companies will cover it as long as you have comprehensive coverage - the same coverage you would use if your car was stolen. However, it may often be the case that your deductible is higher than the cost of the windshield or close enough that filing an insurance claim will result in higher premiums with little gain. In other words, it might be better to pay for it yourself in the long run.

they say any crack period is unsafe only because as soon as you drive it keeps cracking even if you don't hit any bumps. yes you can fill it but wont pass inspection...they always make you change it....best thing i can tell you is go change it..otherwise you might get tickets or fail inspection next time you go.

Depends on where you live. Different states have different standards, but generally, if the crack is longer than 6" (Longer than a dollar bill) then the windshield should be replaced.

If your current insurance company won't cover the repair, then you're out of luck. You'll have to pay for it yourself. Trying to buy new insurance to pay for damage that has already occurred is fraud, and is illegal.

dodge man
if its on the drivers side of it ,the law will say that it can obstruct your vision ,and they will give you a ticket for a violation of equipment law,and make you prove when you go to court that it has been repaired,i got a few of those in my life time,they usually will let the ticket go once they see it has been repaired,but they will give you a ticket for it,plus it wont pass inspection either,good luck with it.

A crack that is about a foot long or longer is always dangerous as, at that point, a small rock or even a small collision could make it shatter. However, it has to be in the way of the driver's vision in order to be illegal.

It depends on the State. In NY, if you have a crack in your windshield and it's within range of your windshield wipers, then your vehicle will fail it's annual inspection.

The other way to define it would be, if the crack is long enough or in the location where it would distort the driver's vision through the windshield.

If it blocks your field of vision. But cracks tend to spread quite quickly. Call an auto glass shop. I don't know where you're located...Diamond Glass is a good one if there's one in your area... they will come right to your house or place of work and replace your windshield. They do a professional job & will tell you what it'll cost on the phone when you call

Oh, and some states have laws that do not allow you to drive with a cracked windshield.

If it's your windshield that usually covered by insurance because it can be unsafe. Go get it fixed. You don't wanna be driving and have something happen.

Johnny B
As soon as it obstructs normal vision it has to be replaced.


Unless it blocks your line of vision or the wind is blowing back your hair from the gap, I wouldn't worry about it.

~Just forget to ask Lvlydaze~
I had one and I was told until you can actually "feel" the crack, it's nothing to worry about.
To play it safe, get it fixed..Wouldn't want you to worry.

You know I have to agree with you! I've got a crack in my @ss less than a foot long and nobody said I needed to fix it. It doesn't make it unsafe for me to sit down either!

The nerve of these cops nowadays.

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