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How can I stop people from parking in front of my house?
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How can I stop people from parking in front of my house?

I live in a Cul De Sac with little or no parking. Short of putting up a baracade of laying down nails. Any suggestions. People have even parked in and or blocked my driveway.


john b
Turn the sprinklers on the cars. People hate that, especially if the water has a high iron content. Or...you can do the yard work and use the blower to blow cut grass/dust on them.

If its not illegal for them to park in front of your house, there really is nothing you can do.

Unfortunately, unless they are parking on YOUR property there is nothing you can do. Streets and sidewalks are public property and anyone can park there.

However....you can appeal to your town or city to make it a no parking zone. If they are blocking your driveway, you can call the police.

If the people parking there are your neighbors or neighbors guests...well do you really want to pick a fight with people who know where you live? Be neighborly and ask them kindly to ensure their guests don't park in or blocking your driveway. They are entitled to park on the street.

When they block your driveway you have the right to call the police and they will ticket them, sometimes even tow them.

hey sweetie
have u tried talking nice to them
if u didnt
try it
if u did
and still they didnt listen
put a sign not to park
or not to tresspass
and if u did
call the police or the tow company
and i am sure they will find it amusing being
ticketed or towed
best of luck

you could try the old fashioned way... talk to your neighbors. i have an old vw beetle in which there is no reverse (tranny problem) and i simply asked them to please leave me a spot that doesn't require me to push my car. they laughed with me (not at me) and have complied for the most part. also, i can borrow a cup of milk from them if i ever need one, they pitch in on big projects, and from time to time, they even drop by for a beer, or offer me some food if they are grilling out. further, they tend to keep an eye out for my car and house when i am out of town. try it. it works!

Breanna C
You can't stop people from parking in front of your house if you don't specifically own that part of the street with your property. You can stop them from blocking your driveway or parking in it, though, by putting up a sign that warns them that they will be towed, and by calling the towing company should they park there.

Some other sheisty people have painted the curb in front of their houses red...I understand why they do it, but I suggest you don't get caught.

If your driveway is blocked, have them towed. Blocking a driveway is illegal.

Fred C
They can be ticketed for blocking a driveway, but the rest of the street is public parking if not marked as handicapped zone, or fire hydrant zone.

Park there before they do. Or always park blocking your own driveway. You can also try putting up orange cones.

talk to your neighbors- tell them there is not enough room for their friends to park around your house. I also like the idea of putting a sign up, maybe on your mailbox. You can always call the police if they park in your driveway or block your mailbox.

if they are parking in front of your house, but not blocking your driveway, there is nothing you can do, since that is considered a public parking spot. if they do block or park in your driveway, then you can always call the police and have them issue a ticket or even have that vehicle towed at the owners expense. if all else fails, then probably sticking with what you were doing will do as well; putting nails in front of your driveway.

George P
Why don't you park where they are parking? This would eliminate all of this. I understand you should be able to park in your own driveway, but unless they are blocking you in, there isn't much you can do. If it is a problem, throw a party and have your friend park near their property. If they have a problem with it, then you can tell your neighbors that they do it to you all the time.

Call the police every chance you can. Other than that, nothing else you can do.

laying down nails is the only way

i would say that no matter what u do or say or put any sign up thay will do what they plez and that what were u thinking when u put this question up ?

don't hate snowflake
put up a tasteful sign

Have some kids come over and spend the day, make a big mud pie in the front yard and tell them to paint the car.

put up a no tresspassing sign then call the tow company i'm sure they'll love the business.

Can you paint thr curb red?

Sexah Mamma :)
I was about to say Put Down A Brigade of Nails!! HAHA they will get the message and who can prove it :) I was building a shelving unit honest...on top of that who wants to continuously change their tires?!! mhm...go for it

I've been facing this issue since new neighbors moved in two weeks ago. For two years I had the space free, and these new neighbors don't have space because so many of them live in that one house, so they park in front of my house. I think the best answer is to just allow them, if you can see why. My neighbors don't have room in their cramped parkway so one of them has to park somewhere. I've asked them to park on another section of the street, but I live in a neighborhood where parking can get tight, since the driveways are so narrow, and families live in one house. I know this will be hard initially, but just try to see life through their eyes, since my neighbors are immigrants, and be accepting. It's not worth to think about the rightness about this all day. Believe me, this parking in front of my house ownership is like seriously offing me over. I think just surrender and find some way to be understanding.

I have a Scout Leader who parks across my drive. I even called the Police and they say that they can issue a ticket if he does it again. The only thing is by the time they arrive he has cleared off. Typical!

Box them in with two cars, then make them come ask you to move. Note their license plate, in case they hit and run. Oh, and easiest, see if their registration expired. Easy removal

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