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How can I tell if someone cut my brake lines?
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How can I tell if someone cut my brake lines?


Its not me Its u
No pressure on the pedals and leaks around the tires are two indications...

Your brake lines will also be cut clean in two.....not a worn spot as would be the case if it was from normal chafe.

Check the brake lines. If they appear to be cut, then they probably have been.

If you are suspicious you should call the police

check under the car for unusual oil pools

call a mechanic and see if he will come take a look or bring a tow truck...and see whos bad side your on

your brakes will hit the bottom of your cars floor...

An immediate tell-tale sign is a puddle of brake fluid coming from underneath your vehicle.

devil dogs
....Poke your head behind each wheel and LOOK! A black hose is connected from each wheel brake to the frame of car. Look for a "cut" and obvious leak. Also have someone at Midas, or Meinke check it out for you, they will do this for free. Make sure you have braking power/control of car before you go to a shop.

Usually you would see the "brake" light blink, but if you have older car - there is no way to tell unless you actually drive and step on brakes. If you have AAA ask them to come and check it for you. Also if the brake lines have been cut off and your car was parked at the same spot for some time, you should see liquid underneath, plus if car is lifted you'd be able to see the cuts (if you know where to look of course). But my best suggestion, if you're seriously in doubt ask specialist, don't take risk and drive off. Better be safe than sorry!
Good luck!

Who's Barry Badarnath?
Usually complete brake failure followed by a hollywood style fiery auto crash over a cliff.

try backing out..

You won't be able to stop!! Also brake fluid on the ground under the car is a good hint something is wrong.

Drive it down the road and see if the brakes give out....

If your car won't stop that's a pretty good sign. Other than that have a mechanic look at it.

Bob J
If they're cut, someone cut them.

ok i have had my lines cut but it doesnt look cut its on a flexible rubber section. and its right after some metal connector things. and i mean like a mm after that metal twisty connector they are cut bt it splits up the tubber a little maybe a centermeter...it looks like someone twisted or hacked at it because the inner tube is twisted to shit...does this sound like a brake cutting i want answers from people that know please email your answer to dealerstuff@live.com thank you

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