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How can you tell the difference of a cop car then a civilian car at night time?
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How can you tell the difference of a cop car then a civilian car at night time?

cop car dark lights difference


Fred C
There is no simple way. Some of them with the lights on the dash and the rear package shelf are obvious, but many ghost cars have the lights behind the grille, so it isn't obvious until they pull you over.

Cop cars use standard headlights that look like everybody elses.

Learn to drive the speed of traffic at night.

Here in Michigan if the licence plate has a small X in it, that's almost 100% of the time a police officer. For example 83 x 129 or if it's a blue and yellow licence plate instead of the white and blue.

But also look for the A-pillar mounted light. Those don't come from the factory on every car, but with the number of police re-sold vehicles increasing, that's becoming harder.

common sense

Just Me
Just assume all the cars at night are cop cars and don't do anything stupid.

In God We Trust
Usually the markings should signify that indeed a police car is on the scene. Whereas a civilian car does not manifest any markings. What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? - Romans 8:31. The Lord daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. - Psalm 68:19. Peace and God Bless.

Always drive as if there was a police car nearby.
Where I live, there are "covert" vehicles.........i.e. generic white pickup truck, mini van, S.U.V., etc. which patrol the highways. They look like any other passenger vehicle and the Police Departments interchange them from one jurisdiction to another so drivers don't become familiar with them. The only difference between these "covert" vehicles and your vehicle, is that they are equiipped with those "fancy" lights and are driven by your friendly Police Officer.
There isn't any way of distinguishing a police car at night unless you invent one. Then you could become an overnight millionaire!

dodge man
on some of the unmarked cars i cant tell the difference in them at all,when its night to me they all look the same,if you can your doing better than i can,good luck.

I've heard several people say they can tell by the tail lights. And if there's a moon or some light you can see a glint of something on the roof. Not foolproof methods by any means, but it changes the odds, I guess.

I don't think cops use small cars, they're usually large (Holden Commedores or Ford Falcons where I'm from), or they're SUVs. The unmarked ones are usually a new model, within two years. That's about all the clues you'll have if it's night though.

Gary V
It's kind of a guy feeling and a bit of experience. As a truck driver I've learned to identify the types of cars that are usually going to be unmarked cars. Those I can spot.

Of those if I see extra antenna.... I'm gonna slow down. Sometiems I'm wrong but I'm usually not. Better safe that sorry.

Besides the extra antenna I look for objects mouned inside the car (lights) that's a dead giveaway as well.

I haven't been cought speeding in years, not because of those tricks, but because I don't go more than 5 m.p.h. over. Keep up with traffic and take fewer stops. A ticket is not worth it.

you can't

forgotten angel
unfortunatly there is no easy way, you could always look for the light bar on top or if its a ghost car you can always try looking inside and see if a cage is visible but not likely able to happen. normal cruisers are easy to see due to there color but unfortunatly ghost cars are mostly always blacking making a night time detection hard, ive tried and the only way i knew was due to the lights, sirens and loud speaker tellen me to pull over

The blue lights should be a dead giveaway.

the white hood on a black car

numbers and words written all over it

the lights

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