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How do I do a burn Out in an automatic car??? With Front Wheel Drive......!?
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How do I do a burn Out in an automatic car??? With Front Wheel Drive......!?

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I don't have a hand brake, I had it removed and replaced it with a no2 container and installed a foot brake.


Answer: don't.

if you value your car don't.if you don't care,rev it up in nuetral and then drop into low.or put on parking brake and rev her up then loosen brake.both are sure to tax your clutches and tires.have fun!!!!

If your car wont do a burnout by stomping the gas "even if it is a rear wheel drive" with out brake torquing it or finding a wet spot in the road don't bother with it....you'll just end up buying a new transmission.

Set the parking brake and stomp the gas. If you don't enough power to do it that way, rev the engine up in neutral and then drop into drive. (this will "burn out" your transmission very quickly by the way)

The better question is why do you want to do this???

try keeping the handbrake on full and give it full throttle

christopher j
find some gravel and floor it ........you wont be able to get a huge cloud but its fun.....or when it rains turn the wheel real fast and floor it for like a second and you'll drift thats also fun I was doin it in my mom pontiac

Neutral -drop

just put the pedal to the medal, either you can or you can't

define "burnout" like do you just want them to spin or smoke or what. very tricky to do with front wheel drive and an automatic. what kind of car is it anyway

Depends on the horsepower. You can drift and do burn outs with any car as long as it has enough horsepower. Or you can wet down the ground infront of the front wheels, then floor it.

first drop the tranny into first gear than step on the brake really hard and keep it there then step on the gas. now let go of the brake quickly and voila, that is if you have enough horsepower anyway thanks:)

Front wheel drive huh? Very hard to do.

Just floor it, if your car has enough torque it might work.

as a mechanic all i can say is you will spend a lot money be broke and will walk alot. the front axles will probably or will explode destoying the trans or motor the brake lines electrical is that enough reason not to do it. if not come on down will see how far you go and when i fix for you ill go to cancun on you

If you have to ask, you probably can't do it without hurting your car.

Neutral Drop: In Neutral, floor it, drop it into drive.

If your lucky you'll be able to do it three or four time before you kill your tranny.

Been there, done that, REALLY STUPID!

If it doesn't work just punching the gas, don't do it. You don't have a cool car.

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