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How do I get my husband to drive slower and safer?
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How do I get my husband to drive slower and safer?

He drives crazy all the time even when we have our kids in the car. He thinks he drives safe but I disagree. He always drives over the speed limit, he has real bad road rage everything that other people do on the road pisses him off. I tried to get him to comprimise but he won't. And it bothers him even more when I drive cause he says I drive to slow. I don't know what to do. We used to have two cars but he crashed his now we have to drive one car and since me and the kids go to school not to far from our house and he works about 30 miles away he has to drive....Any suggestions?


Max Cruise
Refuse to be in the car when he drives.
You must take a stand for the sake of your children and you the parent. If he is driving OK and then flips into speeding and road rage mode, take our your cell phone and tell him to chill out or you are calling the police.
This is when you need to take the hard line. He slows down or you hit the speed dial for 911.
This will be very hard to do and may be very unpleasant, but everyones safety depends on your husband being a safe driver.
I wish you the best, but be prepared for this to get ugly.
Just remember, you are doing this for your children's safety.

Azn Street racer
refuse to get into the car. he is puting your life and your kids in danger... although i do like to go very fast too. anyway. if you know any local tuner shops see if they can mod it so it wont go as fast... its the opposite of what they do lol. or take the keys from him. i remember seeing thing not to long along for parents and new teen drivers where they can set the speed limit on the car and stuff

unbolt his engine he'll only be able to go 2 miles an hour when he pushes it

you'd think crashing his car would teach him a lesson. it didn't with my father either though. try telling him what about his driving isn't safe and remind him he drives with children in the car. if you have to, tell him, you're gonna do all the driving from now on if he doesn't improve his driving.

Refuse to get in the car with him. He is risking your life, and the kids. If you do, you may be seeing your baby in a casket, tell him that. And if you do drive with this out of control nutcase, YOU are to blame when they roll your baby on a guerney at the morgue over to the window, covered in a white sheet, so you can identify that sweet little baby face, DEAD BODY.

just keep nagging, it works everytime<

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