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How do I keep cars from parking on my lawn?
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How do I keep cars from parking on my lawn?

My lawn extends out to the edge of our street. There is no real curb, so cars free free to park with their tires on the edge of my lawn...I was thinking about putting down some bricks or something to line the edge of the lawn...any suggestions?


I would start with a polite request to not park on the lawn. In person if you are home or a written request on a paper left under the windshield. You could even write a nice note and make copies or print copies from your computer. If that does not have the desired result, edge the yard with something that blends with your home. It could be round wooden posts that stick up 6 inchs or so. It could be bricks half buried at a 45 degree angle so it creates a sort of sawtooth look. If that doesn't work try a short picket fence. After that if the problem continues it is time to call the police and/or have the vehicles towed.

Fred C
Your lawn may extend to the street, but the city owns the sidewalk area even if there is no sidewalk. You can't have cars towed because you don't own the street. You can't put spikes or nails, that is a trap. At the very least you will be sued for damage to a vehicle, and you could seriously injure somebody out for a walk or a child running along the side of the road. Have you considered making a kerb out of landscape ties or 4x6 lumber? As long as you don't pour concrete, and whatever you put is removable, it should be fine, especially if you get togerther with the neighbours and all do the same thing.

While I wouldn't like cars driving /parking on the grass.. you do not own the part of the lawn beside the road. You can check with the city and see where your property line is to be sure. Or do as you are saying and put bricks, stone or something there to keep them off. As long as the city doesn't say anything you can keep the cars off. Good luck.

Mikey D
I've seen alot of people line their lawns with big rocks. it works, I NEVER see anybody parked on the lawn with rocks lining the edge, hahaha.

and the iron bars sound alittle mean, you just want to stop people form parking on your lawn, you dont want to trick them into ruing their tires.

The bricks would be a pretty good idea. Maybe you could put signs up at the edge of your lawn that say "Beware of Dog". Maybe then, they won't even park CLOSE to your yard!

i bet if ya do what i did they'll stay clear of your yard.
go out there and dig a small trench lay 2by4's with nails drove through. put dirt back against, so they want see it.
stand by and laugh as tires go flat.

Joe M
I would put a brick through the windshield of the motherf**ker parking in my yard.

Either that, or take a couple of two-by-fours, put some 4" nails through them, and bury them so that the nails aren't visible, but the weight of a car will flatten the tires.

Actually, I would probably just go kick the azz of whoever is doing it.

Gina Day
I have seen a lot of people that put decorative posts up around their lawns. You can find pretty ones at Lowe's or Home Depot. Don't give them room to park on it. I don't think bricks would stop them because they could just park on top of them.

garden gnomes to protect garden or get some plastic post witha chain link between them.

Michael M
signs and then call the cops

The rocks work my friend just paint them in white and put them down and they will do the talking. Plus they look nice.

So Gregory, I say 'rock' on to you.

Greyory, check with county first? I had problem like that an put-up a fence. they made us move it, because they have a 25ft. right-away from center line of road.How ever,they let me put large Rock that can be moved.good luck.toy2

yes..those castle wall blocks would work great, as would sharpened spikes. (to kill their tires...)use plants to keep them away...low ones, so people can see cars comming.

Put down something that will damage the tires on the very edge of your lawn. For example, rod iron hammered in so that only a very little bit shows. Who ever tries to park there will hopefully see them and not park onto the grass. And if they do they'll have to buy new tires. I don't believe you would be responsible for the damages since they encrouched on your property.

Bricks are tacky....and they make it hard to cut the grass.

Put up a sign that says tow-away zone....then call the closest tow company to you, and start having cars towed away. They may even provide a sign for you, as some of them do.

Just explain to them how much business they can look forward to, and they will be happy to help you out..

i have no sidewalk in front of my home i live in an inclosed community, so my yard is the parking spot for all neighber parties,and for walking there dog and come on up to the middle of my lawn and poop away, im about to grab someone by the neck~!!! any suggestions b 4 i do?

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