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How do I prevent someone from vandalizing car?
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How do I prevent someone from vandalizing car?

We've tried camera's, we've tried calling the police, we've tried talking to his parents. He keeps doing it. We can't catch him in the act so we don't have proof of him vandalizing her car. The video at night is not good enough. What can I do to stop this?

It's been happening for a long time and he strikes randomly. He does it at night or in the morning time. No witnesses. My sister wakes up to go to work and finds that her car is keyed, tires slashed, windows smashed, or lights smashed.

Please help!

I don't want my sister to hurt, worry and feel unsafe. It is also costing her money for repairs.


Danuta F
send detectives...like the ppl in cheaters.

im with shazzamm just beat the hell outta him or does he have a car what ever happened to mine would happen to his

Keep the car in a locked garage.

"garage" comes to mind...... private detective is expensive, man-traps are illegal, unfortunately, bloody big dog sounds good...PIR detector and remote flash with film cameras & alarm whilst u sleep in car....

Burt C
ok...I have done this..and it work..Trust me
Have a police detective go to the house of the suspect and claim that he has video and fingerprints of the damages.
If he comes forward he will go easy on him

You must be certain that this is the person.

put the car in the garage. if the space is already taken then put that person's car out on the street and put your sister's car in the garage.

why is it up to you to catch them, I thought the police done that. file a complaint

I had a friend that had a similar situation and after speaking with the police and nothing was done they went to the police department in person and spoke with a detective this time who in turn assigned an unmarked vehicle to watch the house for 4 days and they did catch the person.

Also at my business we were having problems with graffiti and I did the same thing as my friend and the kids were caught and I did file against them and the problems stopped.

not knowing who the vandal is, is one thing, but when you KNOW who he is and dont do anything about it then your a VICTIM.

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