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How do blind people cross the road?
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How do blind people cross the road?

i know some pedestrian crossings have a bleeping noise to tell blind people to cross the road..but what about zebra crossings or those pelican crossings with out the bleeping signals?? how do they know?? coz im sure they are not that great at hearing a car approaching at a certain time and speed



In the UK most crossings have, on the approach, raised dimpled paving, known as tactile paving, that they can feel underfoot so as to navigate to it.

Blind people generally have a raised awareness in other senses so they will generally have heightened sensitivity to sounds and touch.

Better hearing alerts them to road tyre noise, engine revs, brake squeal etc, enabling them to cross after hearing the cars stop.

Edit: During my time as an instructor I taught deaf to drive and they seem to have heightened visual and vibration awareness.

EDIT 2: Why a thumbs down for a correct answer?
Please read this

..." provisions generally include ramping down footway surfaces as necessary, and the provision of tactile paving surfaces to assist the visually impaired, in accordance with DTLR Guidance on the use of Tactile Paving Surfaces."

Also included is the full link below....


the zebra croosing is actually brail for their feet , joking obviously

Their dog tells them when it is safe to cross - the dog won't cross if their is traffic coming.

susie x ♥♥♥
Some obviously have guide dogs who are their eyes. There is a blind guy who lives near me who is known by all the locals, when he gets to a road he just waits until someone comes along and helps him across, It seems to work for him.

They walk on their hands to be sure to attract the attention of drivers.

NO, just kidding. Hearing tells of most approaching traffic, some even have a dog to look for them.

Very carefully!

Who Else
Actually I do think they can hear a car approaching at a certain time. I have been told when one of your senses are not effective than the others increase.....

They have a white stick and they tap it on the ground so that people know they are there

Al Mac Wheel
1. They cross with more carefulness than people who are not blind.

2. Some of them use guide dogs, who are trained to recognize both the human signals (like WALK sign) and whether the cars have stopped or are being dangerous.

3. Some of them walk with the blind person cane and trust motorists to obey the traffic laws regarding properly identified blind pedestrians always having right of way.

On the crossings that don't beep but the green man lights up, there is a small button underneath that they feel. When it is safe to cross it turns around and they feel it twirling.

well cars have to stop at zebra crossing so that helps

I guess we need a Nadia crossing too. %)


with extrem caution !!!!!!!!

When you are blind your other senses will become stronger for example your hearing will be alot better that yours..........

I am visually impaired and also hard-of-hearing, but I have a lot of both senses. STILL, there are times when I can't see the pedhead (walk/don't walk sign), and my orientation and mobility instructor taught me to use a parallel surge as an aid when to cross. That is, when the cars parallel are driving by, it is usually your turn. However, cars can still turn at the wrong turn -- that is why it is common for pedestrians to have the right-of-way regardless of the light changes, and why the white cane laws are strict.

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