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How do you actually die in a car crash?
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How do you actually die in a car crash?

What causes the death? E.g Blow to the head,


Friendly Stranger..
The cause of death in a car crash is the impact of the vehicle and the person's body. When you are in a car crash, there is a possibility of your internal organs being effected dependent upon the impact of the crash, weight of vehicle and person, and the speed. So for example, if someone is traveling 65 mph and they are hit head on by another vehicle that is traveling 80 mph the person going slower would intake more impact, and would likely be severely injured or die from the injuries. The impact is what kills along with the speed. It is the loss of blood as well. Trauma to the head or internal organs are a prime factor in this.

Rapid Fire
Sudden deceleration and blunt force trauma are the two most common causes of traffic deaths. The human body can take a lot of punishment but Mother Nature never counted on car accidents when she put us together. We were designed to survive tripping and falling out of trees; not careening into a solid object at a combined speed of 120+ MPH on the highway.

Heather S
Usually not wearing seatbelts increases your chance of death. I have a friend who was T-boned with her Mom and boyfriend. My friend and her Mom were wearing seatbelts, however her boyfriend sitting behind her wasn't, and when the car hit, he flew forward and the force of him flying into the back of her seat combined with the force of the vehilce hitting the front of thier car-the seatbealt severed one of her ateries.

SHe lived, but is now paralyzed and often says she'd rather be dead and able to "walk" in heaven" than not being able to walk or be independant.

I've heard of people getting killed when they were wearing thier seatbelt too because they get trapped in the vehicle.

It depends on the crash. If your hit from behind or something really hard, you can snap your neck. (same idea as whiplash but worse)
If you drive into water you can drown. Burn to death from explosion. you can be crushed to death if your car is smashed. If you hit something like a big rig you can be decapitated because your car goes under the trailer but cuts you off at the shoulders. You can get a puncture from debris and bleed out. You can have head trauma. Heart attack. Internal damage from banging around and internal bleeding.

Use your imagination, there are hundreds of ways to die in a car!

A blow to the body can cause the aorta to rupture. The aorta is the big artery that goes from the heart.

sudden stop<

Not following the simple rules of driving. Most people burn to death and some just bleed to death.some from Internal injuries.some from head injuries.

desert camel
well according to a tv add,when the body stops in a crash,the internal organs keep going and internal damage is caused.

From a blow to the head or as simple as you bleed out, one of many things can cause you to die from an accident....

lee g
why do people come on here asking stupid questions and people actually sit and answer them!

*Most* deaths in car crashes are a result of not wearing a seat belt. The spine gets snapped on impact and/or the person is ejected from the vehicle.

I have known a few people who died in car accidents that should have been fairly minor. Every single time it was because they were not wearing a seat belt.

Timothy L
Are you the same person who asked how you die in an aeroplane crash. Cos the answer is not too different. Apart from explosive decompression and lack of oxygen, of course.

your heart stops beating

i think you can actually die in a car accident by not wearing your seat belt and plus when you roll or something your shock and you can die

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