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How do you report someone driving with no licence?
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How do you report someone driving with no licence?


The Pig!

wiccawoma who answered this, have you got a licence? what would you do if someone without a licence killed a member of your family while driving illegally?? would you report them then?? i cant believe the c**p of some peoples answers? if someones driving without a licence, they are not only a danger to themselves, but to all other motorists / pedestrians etc....phone the police and get it sorted before someone gets hurt or killed???

Wait till they leave then call the police and tell them what kind of vehicle and the license number and the person's name. Tell them that the person does not have a license. Most places the police are obligated to do something about it cause a citizen has made a complaint.

go to the police. And please report them - if they are driving without a license they can't have car insurance. If they hit some other poor driver then the other guy is in trouble, so for the sake of all of us who are law abiding and pay insurance, tax, and have licences, report the scum!

i guess the Police.

go to a police station and tell mr bobby you grass

Dry Dreamer
Inform the police they probably would not be interested but if this cretin kills someone then you can say you did your bit to prevent it

you can go to your local police station.

If you know who this person is, call the local police and report them! Give the police all the information you have about the driver and the car they are driving (model, color, tag number, etc.)
Is the person not licensed at all, or just suspended or revoked? Do what is right, and help prevent someone from being hurt (including them!)

stephen eblue eyes
in UK phone 999 and ask for police

prem chand
its better to explain them the disasters of driving without license and we can do a call for help line of traffic police

Most certainly.

Local police station and try and gave them days and times they are most likely to catch the person driving

grass them they are a serious hazard. give me their name/ address i'll do it for you

richard a
why do you want to do that? you must be mad.

Send an anonymous letter, or send a text message to the police, as it will be converted into voice on a BT line and that way you don't have to say who you are !.
Good for you, people driving with no licence are a danger to our kids and the public in general !!..

tell the police they will treat it all in confidence.John Boy.

St jimmy
call the cops and just give them the reg no and let them do there jobs

why would u want to do that,do you have a vendeta.

leanne kennewell
my partner driving with no licence and using someone elses name for the insurande


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