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How far apart should two cars be when driving on the road?
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How far apart should two cars be when driving on the road?


I have a friend who is a police officer and was told that the rule is 1 car length for every 10 mph you are driving. So if you are doing 50 mph, you should be 5 car lengths behind the car in front of you.

The "distance" changes with the speed of the vehicles. Rather than trying to remember car lengths for a certain speed, try just going with the minimum of 2 second rule. (3 is safer, 2 is more realistic if you don't want everybody and their brother pulling in front of you.)

Pick a spot along the road, a guardrail post, a sign, a rock, doesn't matter, when the car in front of you passes it start counting.... one....one-thousand, two....one-thousand... if you have passed the same object before you finish the second one-thousand, you are traveling too close. It's that simple.

3 seconds, at any speed. When the car in front passes something, start counting. If you can't count to 3 before you get there, you are too close.

It doesn't matter. The moment you obtain a save driving distance in front of you, some idiot will cut in front of you and nearly cause all three of you to wreck. Never fails.

It depends on where you live..In so cal(where I live) a few inches is good enough,especially on the freeways..lol.A good driver will keep a cars lenght away from the car in front.

The rule is 1 car length every 10mph

So if your going 50, your 5 car lengths back

Aspen Dreamer
I would say the cars need to be a safe distance apart so that in case of emergency, you can get out of your spot quickly...

The "rules" of distance never apply in real life, cause most folks pay no attention to the same rules you do...

Too many crowd in where they shouldn't be...

about a car length for every 10mph.

Drivers manual states for every 10mph= 1 cars length. It also says to double that when weather conditios are unfavorable.

Each state will have a different method of determining distance. In Louisiana it's three seconds behind, but I always thought that was too close.
Personally, I choose "the farther the better" method. I always keep my distance, change lanes, or allow folks to pass. Especially on highways with speeds of over 60mph.
All it takes is one driver to spill his coffee on his lap, and slam his brakes to cause serious injury or death..

The safest way to drive is by simply assuming all other drivers on the road are drunk. It aint far from the truth in some places.

one car-length for every 10 mph

Bradley S
in divers ed they said 3 car lengths, but on the interstate that never happens.

Typically a good rule of thumb is two car lengths away from each other...in other words, you should be able to fit two normal sized cars between you and the car in front of you.

well cops and drivers ed will say 2 or 3 sec on road and on interstate 3 to 5 se behind,but alot of times is to far back.on regular speeds stay 1 to 2 sec behind or to get on nerves or know em tail gate them:), on interstate2 to 4 sec.but if they cant drive or are obviosly drunk or on drugs stay back

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