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How far can something (pipe)stick out of bed of my truck with a red flag and still be legal in California?
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How far can something (pipe)stick out of bed of my truck with a red flag and still be legal in California?

I have a full size pickup with 6ft bed. Need to move a 10ft pipe to another location 1hr away. I know it will require me to put a red flag on end thats hangs out of truck bed. But is their a max something can stick out of bed in California.


If California State Vehicle & Traffic Law/Vehicle Code is anything like NY's Vehicle & Traffic Law or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules - then it's anything that overhangs the back of the truck longer than 4 feet requires a red flag.

Ca. law says anything over 3' must be flagged. there is not specific length, but the rule is based on the safety. only 10', in a 6' bed, only a four foot overhang. no problem. not to be moved during hours of darkness (common sense) Have fun!

I believe it's 5 feet, just don't forget that big ol red flag, tape it on there really good. I've seen some that had been ripped off by wind.

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