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How fast do you need to go to turn a car over?
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How fast do you need to go to turn a car over?

This last weekend 7 people died, here in Trinidad in two seperate road accidents. In both cases the cars flipped, several times discharging bodies and body parts on each somersault. Once person I know who saw the aftermath said he saw body parts strewn across the road. The question how fast do you have to go in a car to make it somersault 6 or 7 times?


depends on the car, different cars have different centre of gravity making them more or less likely to flip over, also some card have more grip than others and this will be mportant when cornering fast as it will stop you from flipping over easily.

I agree with the bostonian.

Sierra One
I suppose it depends on what car you are driving, the speed you are travelling at and the road and weather conditions.

depends on centre of gravity , inertia , momentum

"Call me Dave"
20 is more than enough if you slam on to full lock abd brake, the number od turn depends on the shape of the vehicle

you dont really want to know or you might try it and that would be sad

Jess B
It depends on the center of gravity of the car and seat belts help to keep from being strewn all over the road. Some cars (like some SUVs) are top-heavy and are more likely to flip over in an overfast turn.

It's honestly less speed and more driver error. And if you want to survive a crash? Wear a seat belt.

well in a str8 line you would have to frigging fast of course if u went say 100 then turned extremly sharply whilst pulling up da handbreak i rekon you would flip all depends on the vehicle tho

Like the Bostonian says, there are many variables. You can do it at very low speed if you try hard enough. Seat belts will help to keep the bits in.

really fast

~*Hope I helped*~

i would guess at a very high speed from 70mph upwards, yet again it depends on the weight of the vehicle road conditions tyres etc.. its a case of luck really. shame about the accidents thats terrible.. hope this helps

75-100 miles per hour usually (from what i hear on the news). But each car is different.

depends on vehicle, wheelbase and width of axle, then we go into the tyre depth, drive system and the terrain, generally though I would say a Swedish flik` at 60 or 70 mph in a van or something rear wheel drive will bring the back end out enough to accomplish your question.

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