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How many feet before a intersection do you need to a put a blinker on?
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How many feet before a intersection do you need to a put a blinker on?


Aunt Sam
I'm not sure what state you live in, but in Ohio, it depends on your speed. If the speed is under 40 miles per hour, you must put the turn signal on at least 100 feet before you turn. If it is over 40 miles per hour, you must put the turn signal on at least 200 feet before you turn.

At least 100, probably not more than 300 or so.

in NY I think its 200

we were taught 100-200 ft. depending on the speed of the road you are on. This was waaaay back in the early 80's when I took driver's ed.

Elrico Delamonzo
yes I agree with 100 feet

You should generally signal your intention about 2 - 3 seconds before getting to the intersection. Based on this rule, the actual distance would depend upon your speed.

One thing to watch out for is to not signal too early! Here in SW MO, people either don't signal at all or they signal about 3 blocks before they intend to turn. I was pulling out of my street a few days ago and a Caddy about 150 feet away turned on his right blinker. I assumed that he was turning into my street so I pulled out to turn left. That assumption nearly caused a serious wreak as he actually intended to turn right at the next block. What an IDIOT!

Varies by state.

Pusspuss Geroux

We seldom use them here.

I just started driver's Ed yesterday, and they told us 100 feet.

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