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How many people have been prosecuted in the UK for using a mobile phone handset while driving a car?
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How many people have been prosecuted in the UK for using a mobile phone handset while driving a car?


Quentin G
Why pick on phone users? We should nail people who smoke whilst they are driving too. If you think about it its just as dangerous plus it stinks.

Not enough by the look of it, far too many are getting away with it.

Recent goverment crime statistics show that around 732,000 drivers were stopped for using a mobile phone at the wheel, but only 15% of them have actually had a prosecution brought against them.

Not enough !!!! There should be a text line that you can send the registration number of the car, and then they can get a fine through the post. I hate to see HGV drivers doing it. I have also seen coach and bus drivers on their mobiles whilst going around a roundabout. Ban them I say !!!!

Same here in Spain, there are hundreds of people driving using their mobiles, and it's illegal here as well. Fine normally 200€ but if you appeal to the right people I've known people get it down to 5€

not enough them idiots going to kill some one one day should fined them £1000 that will make them think about doing it

Not enough as these idiots still continue to do so.

Tony B
Simple answer - not enough. I still see lots of people driving whilst on their mobile. You might as well drive blindfolded.

Ian L
Not Enough! Hang 'em all

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