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How to tell if your car has been tampered with?
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How to tell if your car has been tampered with?

Ok I'm completely stupid when it comes to cars so I thought I would come to the internet for help :p Today my car crapped out on me and part of me is suspecting foul play while the other part of me thinks it just crapped out. I thought I'd explain what happened in detail and hope that a few people that are good with cars could tell me what they think.

First I'll give you a bit of background on the car. It's a 1996 Mazda B2300 truck. I got it from my step dad and mom as a going away to college present (used to be my step dad's). It had the check engine light on but my step dad told me it wasn't an issue and he's had that on for a year prior to when I got it last August. I have driven it fine and have experienced ZERO problems with it up until this day. I drove like 40 miles yesterday and over 100 on Thursday and experienced NO problems. I didn't start experiencing any issues until today after I had driven about 10-15 miles or so. Here's what happened.

I drove out to meet someone to sell a camera on Craigslist. Then I drove 5 more miles to a smokeshop to pick up some cigarettes. After that I drove and when I stopped at a traffic light I went to accelerate and the whole car started shaking and was probably only moving because I was somewhat downhill. I turned the car off and back on and drove it down to another traffic light and it did the same thing. I then got on the freeway and fortunately it worked up until the traffic light by my house when I had to make a complete stop. I tried turning it off and on again hoping it would fix it but it just shook the whole car up and then the engine just stopped trying and the car kind of went idle. The car was on as was the radio but the engine would just not turn on. I pushed it into the nearest gas station and tried starting it up and the engine didn't even turn on.

The reason I suspect foul play is because one of my roommates and I don't exactly get along well. She's obnoxious, rude, and inconsiderate and I don't like to surround myself with those kind of people so I don't like her much. I'm not exactly too vocal about it around her because I don't want to cause any drama. Recently she brought complete strangers she met on the beach to the house and part of me thinks that she mentioned how much of a "douche" her roommate was and one of these guys, trying to impress her, messed with my car.

My girlfriend who was also in the car and also doesn't get along with this particular roommate said that the roommate tampering with it was the first thing she thought of, just like me. Part of me knows that it's probably just me trying to find a reason for why it crapped out, but I can't help but wonder if she really DID mess with it. Like I said above, I have had the truck since August and it has had ZERO problems since then. I drove it out 100 miles on Thursday and 40 more yesterday and there were zero problems but then when I decide to only drive like 15 miles the truck craps out on me? Just seems a bit odd to me..

Sorry about the long question but I'm really hoping that someone that knows cars pretty well can help me out with this. Maybe tell me what the possible causes for this could be or maybe what I describe will tell someone that knows cars can tell that by the symptoms that it was tampered with. I really hope someone can help me out with this, thanks :)


take it to the mechanics or the CHOP SHOP haha. It could be any number of things although the shaking does sound wierd.

al t
sounds like you are paranoid......to make yourself happy, GET RID OF THE ROOM MATE (even if you have to move out)......

never should have stopped for cigarettes-bad for everyone's health! don't believe me? just ask your dead pickup!

The car is 15 years old! What do you expect, its gonna break down, sometime...

People are more vengeful than honest yes its easy to get paranoid... However facing the facts that a lot of people never grew out of preschool on the inside is not paranoid. Show a back bone and most of these cowards will go back into the wood work after all the are scared of direct confrontation or they wouldn't do this. As far as your Truck only by knowing the problem can one ascertain the possible causes ... sounds to me like you may be correct

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