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How wide is a semi tractor, not the trailer?
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How wide is a semi tractor, not the trailer?


Wired for Sound
Most tractors are 96" (8 feet) at the widest point of the body and axles.

You can find tractors that have been special ordered with 102" axles (8.5 feet). These built this way to give the truck a wider stance and more stability in corners. Most of them are pulling tank trailers.

Hope this helps answer your question.


Cable T... I mean you no disrespect, but California, and the Federal Highway Administration both state that any and all vehicles can be upto 102" wide. There are no statements regarding only trailers can be 102" and not tractors. I agree with your statement regarding cabover tractors being right at 96", but if you look at most conventionals with a sleeper, that sleeper will be right at the 96" mark as well. My original statement stated that the drive axles were 102, not the cab/sleeper.

The last link on the bottom is from a US manufacturer of 102" wide drive axle assemblies. If they are making them, the must be legal somewhere and they have found a market for them.





Cable T
Widths vary from one manufacturer to another. A tractor can be up to 8 ft. wide not counting safety equipment....meaning mirrors. Usually a COE (cab over engine) will be close to the 8 feet width but a conventional (hood) will be somewhat narrower. I disagree with a previous answerer that some tractors are 8.5 feet wide. Federal law only allows trailers to be over the 8 ft width limit and then only up to 102 inches wide without a permit.

About 8 feet

Rick S
depends on the make and modle

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