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I am legally blind in one eye and legally deaf can I still drive?
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I am legally blind in one eye and legally deaf can I still drive?

I am legally blind and deaf in my left ear and eye, but I can see and hear really good out of my right side will still be able to drive?


Yes, and there are unlikely to be restrictions on time of day etc. if you are in the UK.

Ask the DVLA about it.

Yes-but there will be restrictions-speed, time of day (night,dusk etc)and prob tested every year(driven test)

Yes, no problem.


Yes. Learn to use mirrors to see what you can't see or hear normally.

Toyota man

Texas Underdog
My cousin has a glass eye, and drives with restrictions on his license.

Call your local Department of Motor Vehicle office and ask them. Different states may have different rules.

You reach a point in your life where you get tired of relying on people driving you everywhere and taking the bus. Just because i am blind in 1 eye and deff in 1 ear i feel i'm still not having the freedoms that normies have.But i still learn to live whith it.maybe one day it will happen.thanks.......

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