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I have a cast on my right leg. Is it illegal for me to drive my automatic car with my left foot?
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I have a cast on my right leg. Is it illegal for me to drive my automatic car with my left foot?

I am recovering from ankle surgery and am not allowed to be out of this cast for about 3.5 more weeks. Is it illegal for me to drive in the state of Virginia only using my left foot?


Miss Steak
I think the short answer is that would be irresponsible, and not within the "reasonable and ordinary control" of the vehicle. I noticed some language of that nature in Section 46.2 - 315.

But, you can browse the stats of Virginia. A link follows. God bless, and hope your leg heals quickly.

I would tend to doubt that it would be illegal, but I would caution that your coordination of your left foot and ankle will be different than that of your right leg. It would be pretty difficult and possibly dangerous.... that's about all I have on the subject, good luck.

Bark at the Moon
im not sure its illegal...but it sure is dangerous

i doubt its illegal, but it is VERY difficult and dangerous. it doesnt seem like it would be tough to drive with you left foot but it really is.

If you get into an accident then you'd have A LOT of explaining to do. Just think about what you would have to do in a spur of the moment situation while on the road driving. You wouldn't be able to manuever the way you would normally.

Atticus Finch
No, of course not. Remember, there are people who only have one leg to begin with, and they qualify for a license. The sole relevant question is whether or not you can do so safely. If you are able to operate your vehicle safely, the fact that you are driving with your left leg instead of your right is completely irrelevant. Should you be challenged on this score, the evidence would be whether or not you were stopped for unsafe driving, and if that was related to your leg, as opposed, for example, DUI or another problem.

-----I would not feel safe driving with my **right** leg in a cast; I would minimize the driving I did with that condition. My reaction time would be way slow. ---Jim

Fred C
I wouldn't even worry about the legality, although it should be illegal if it isn't. There is no way of driving an automatic safely with the left foot. It is one thing to use the left for the brake, it is another to try to move the left foot quickly and safely from the accelerator to the brake. You can't, sorry. For those that talk about the people who only have one foot, period, I add this. If you had lost your right leg, or the use of it permanently, your car would have to be modified to allow safe driving with the left, in other words, gas pedal on the left of the brake, or possibly hand controls.

Why not call your local police department or state patrol department and ask someone what the penalties are if you are in a car accident driving like this. You will not be able to react as fast if you need to stop and will greatly put yourself and others in danger driving like this. I wouldn't do it if it were me.

Well, it's illegal in Illinois so I am guessing it is in Virginia as well. Use this search engine: www.dogpile.com and enter Virginia driving rules. That should lead you to your answer.

Virginia does have weird laws, but in PA I dont believe its illegal, espcailly if you can do it.

know da stuff
No, it is not illegal, but it may not be safe depending what you have to do to drive using only your left foot. At least you still have a right foot, some of the soldiers coming back from Iraq do not!
The law does not discriminate against the "handicapped" or "physically challenged" but it does expect a motor vehicle to be used in a safe manor. If you can safely drive with your left foot only, good for you!

There wouldn't be anything mentioned about driving with a cast and using the other foot. I f a cop want to consider giving you a ticket because he thinks your use of that foot is dangerous or reckless, he can do that. You will have to go to court and disproove his alegation. You can rest asured that the judge will accept his assertion over yours. and you'll have to have more than talk on your side. I use my right foot for both brake and fuel pedal. I can't see that using your left foot would be any different except for the awkward placement of the fuel pedal and a drivers unfamiliarity in using the left foot.

No, as long as you can have FULL control of the car.

Not if you can keep control of your vehicle...

Yes. But who cares?

I wouldn't just in case you get into an accident and try explaining that to your insurance company who will not cover you......

ummm yeah but who cares who's gonna know

No, it is not illegal after your doctor releases you to drive.

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