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I lost my gas cap. Is it safe to drive without one until I can get another? If not, what will happen?
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I lost my gas cap. Is it safe to drive without one until I can get another? If not, what will happen?


Depending on the model of car you drive, it's probably safe to drive without it, but it will probably make your "Check Engine" light come on and may hurt your gas mileage. I would drive without it, but only to the nearest auto parts store to buy a new one.

Stu S
if your check engine light comes on then that might be the reason
my son wanted to pump the gas and did' nt put the cap on thight and the check engine light kept coming on

****Leaving the gas cap off while driving will effect your engine performance and gas mileage......while driving you car with the gas cap on presure builds up in the tank...leaving it open to air allows no pressure to build up..****

You'll lose a ton of gas, with the price you don't want to do that. Go to the dealer, or inside a gas station, somethimes they have them lying around where other people lose them
In the mean time stick a thick towel or rag in it.

no,because you lose more gas,and gas isnt low

Another Perspective
I doubt it will cause you any mechanical problem. Gas caps have 2 purposes to my knowledge. 1) keep the gas in and trash/water out. I don't think that's a problem, especially if you don't live in a place that is getting flooded right now, or a lot of wind. Also, the amount of spillage thorugh that wouldn't be enough to make much difference. 2) To keep people from taking your gas. The price of gas right now is causing a lot of people to steal it - either from a drive off or from people's tanks. I would get the new cap simply because it costs about the same price as a fill-up for me. Someone steals a full tank, I have to replace that and still have to but the cap.

no its never safe to run w/o gas cap, why, gas fumes exit the tank, leaving u low on gas, plus its not good for the environment, though we see truckers leave alot of pollution behind. u can also risk if ur car is parked in a lot or something, someone can be smoking near the car and might cause a spark leading to a fire.

I would not drive with out a gas cap it could cause a fire..

Your ok for a little while.Just don't forget to get another one asap.

Absolutely not! It is a hazard to you and others. Not only will water and dust be introduced into your gas tank causing the car to run badly and fuel systems to become clogged. But, if you, as one suggested, put a rag etc, in the opening you are sitting yourself up to become a large incendiary device. Yes you could explode. Buy a gas cap they are not that expensive....go to a junk yard if you want bare minimum pricing.

Ms Beautiful
I guess nothing...but gas evaporates in air so like wasting money on gas. Its hazardous

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