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If a school bus stops on a four lane with lights on, does the traffic coming in opposite direction have 2 stop
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If a school bus stops on a four lane with lights on, does the traffic coming in opposite direction have 2 stop


Every state is different. If you really want to know walk into a police station and ask or call your local DMV office. Most states say that all directions must stop, unless there is some sort of fence or wall between the on coming lanes. Even on divided highways with grass dividers all traffic is supposed to stop.

Yes. Everybody stops. What if the kid getting off has to cross the street?

If it is an Un-divided road, ALL traffic must stop.

Yes, unless there is a medium in between the 4 lanes.

It can be different in each state, but in general if it is a divided highway then only cars on the same side would stop.

Otherwise everyone stops.

Angela L
YEP! I got a ticket for not stopping. "What if one of those children were crossing the street, and YOU didn't stop?" EVERYBODY has to stop. Both directions.

Fred C
Unless there is a physical median, whether it be concrete, grass, a ditch, or a wall, traffic going both ways has to stop until the signal are turned off.

redd headd
Not a divided road, ie median or curbing separating the lanes. If it is a 4 lane road with no thing but yellow lines you have to stop.

Yes, if the stop sign is out, all of the traffic in a connected road has to stop.

Not if it is a divided highway (meaning a medial strip separating the lanes). Otherwise, yes. And I'm pretty sure this is applicable in all states.

Mariah C
Yes,if the bus driver also has the stop sign out.

Yes,you must stop unless the road has a physical divider such as guardrail,fence,medial strip.or concrete divider.

There may be some variances state to state, but most states on a non divided road yes both directions have to stop, on a divided rural highway only the lanes in the same direction of travel must stop.


arent u supposed to stop for a school bus...no matter where it is?

Absolutely, kids are often dropped off on opposite side of where they need to go and cross lanes of traffic, once lights are flashing red all lanes not blocked by barrier or guard rail must stop.

Bill S
Yes, unless the highway is divided by means of a median, or barriers.

Yes! It's a stupid place to stop, I know, but yes you need to stop in case the kids cross the four lane road. If they really thought about safety they'd pull into a side street to let the kids off.

If there is a median between lanes then the opposite lane doesn't have to stop.

What kind of 4 lane road? If there is a median in the middle, no. Four lanes with a fifth lane in the middle for turning, probably yes.

This could vary by State but in Idaho and Washington the deciding factor is yellow lines? no opposing traffic does not have to stop.--most four lane roads do have yellow lines in the center!! tell someone else the word is median while your at it! Also common sense dictates the common sense is two words not one.

Terri R
Traffic laws vary from state to state.

I only stop when I see that stop sign thing stick out from the left side of the bus.

Richard C
No, the traffic in the opposite can proceed, but commonsense dictates with caution.

mister ss
not in Ohio.

Actually, the answer depends on your State Law. I've lived in states where the answer is yes, but 2 others where the answer is no. Check with the Drivier's License book or online DMV site for your state.

just saying
but nobody ever said the number one thing kids are not to cross a four lane road but to be droped off on the side they need thats also a rule that schools have

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